Packing up my Wardrobe


OK, so it’s no secret to those who know me that I have a slight shopping addiction…no that makes it sound like a problem, lets say obsession!

This has meant that packing up to move to the other side of the world has mainly been focussed on trying to prep my wardrobe to be contained in two suitcases weighing no more than 23kg each…I’m still not sure if I’m there!

My wardrobe has always been on high rotation, I went for more is more! But lately, either because of this process or maybe I’m getting older and wiser, I have been focussing on basics, classic shapes and staple items. And thus my wardrobe has evolved to become minimal and focused on a neutral colour palette.

It definitely makes getting dressed a whole lot easier when everything goes with everything and also makes you re-evaluate wether spending a small amount on lots of things is as worthwhile as spending a large amount on one thing. Less is more!

The other bonus, apart from feeling cleansed but absolutely desperate to go shopping the very minute we land in New York, has been making a bit of extra cash to fuel said shopping spree…

If you find yourself with a few too many items hanging in your wardrobe here’s my tips on starting the cleanse:

  • Identify the colours you like and tend to wear often, and from that create an over all colour palette that works together.
  • Make sure you have the basics covered off. Whatever your basics might be, mine are jeans and tees, you know you go for the same ones most of the time!
  • Be realistic, that dress you wore to that wedding a year ago is never going to enjoy another outing because lets face it you’ll want a new outfit for the next event.
  • Identify double ups and items you haven’t worn for a long time…it’s time to let go and be practical about how many striped tops you really need. It’s all about sticking to favourites!

Once you’ve managed to come to terms with the cleanse here’s some tips on what to do with your unwanted…or unnecessary items:

  • Ebay! Definitely worth the time and once you’ve got the swing of things the time becomes less and the rewards more. Stick to known/popular brands and make sure you compare your prices to other listings.
  • Book in a market stall. Although they take a bit of effort, it’s a one off output for a worthwhile outcome. My favourite in Melbourne is Take Two Markets.
  • Hold a shopping (and wine!) afternoon with friends and family…a concept I initially felt guilty about but everyone enjoys a bargain and I loved seeing my clothes go to new deserving homes.

…and whatever’s left, donate to your favourite charity!

Although I will always be a shopping fiend I view my wardrobe in a whole new light and it will never get as out of control as it was when I started this process…promise!