Welcome to Hungry Wardrobe!

Driven by the belief that everyone should feel great in what they wear and getting dressed should be an enjoyable task that garners confidence. Jaded by the notion of consumerism that has created a constantly unsatisfied society and a never ending need to update our wardrobes.

After a long involvement in the fashion industry and an intrinsic interest in personal styling I discovered a passionate desire to help change the way we consume fashion through educating women about styling and fostering a feeling of importance around our wardrobes. First let me say, I am by no means a perfect consumer and until recently was actually the exact opposite...but we all have to start somewhere!

Being true to ourselves, appreciating our clothing and having an increased awareness of the human and environmental impacts of fashion is key to achieving this goal. Join me on the Hungry Wardrobe Style Journey and the road to becoming a more conscious consumer. I hope I enlighten you with a fresh approach to shopping, getting dressed and your wardrobe.

Let's help curb consumerism together, one conscious step at a time! 

A bit about my journey so far...

We all follow different paths as we navigate our way through this exciting and crazy world. Whatever the path that led you here I hope you find what you are looking for and learn something new that has a positive effect on your life and the lives of others now and in the future.

My journey to this point started when I had to pack up a wardrobe I’d spent over ten years building into just two suitcases...working in fashion I have always had a strong relationship with clothing so this was an emotional task and of course prompted a lot of forced clearing out. What in my wardrobe would be deemed loved enough to make the move to New York with me? It was a lengthy process and running my Ebay account became almost a part time job. But the result, apart from a handful of items I since regret sacrificing due to their functionality, is a curated version of my wardrobe which is actually pretty amazing, and 100% me! 

After studying product development and merchandising I began my career in fashion in 2004, joining the millions of others worldwide contributing to this huge industry. But, unlike the majority of garment factory workers today, I was earning well above a living wage. Working for various industry players in the Asia Pacific market I saw first hand how fast fashion drives consumerism. With every year came increased sales and gross profit targets, forcing larger stock volumes to be sold at lower prices and resulting in aggressive promotions to draw customers into consuming similar designs to those they had purchased the previous year….and of course all of this also demanded decreased production costs. 

Since arriving in New York I’ve been inspired by the diversity of fashion and unexpectedly the attitude that comes with it. Originality and all round ownership of individual style is presented with a confidence I admire and wish we all possessed. With such a densely populated city comes an acceptance towards individuality, everyone is free to be who they want, and with such extreme weather conditions comes a slightly more necessity based perspective to attire. New York has also offered endless opportunities for me to pursue a long planned career change into personal styling. After studying at Fashion Institute of Technology and completing an internship with a personal styling startup it quickly became clear to me that I didn’t want the focus of my new role to be around encouraging clients to buy more and more.

My goal as a personal stylist has always been to help clients view their wardrobes in a new light, understand their style and make purposeful clothing choices. And thus my path took an unexpected turn as I discovered just how much this change in behaviour is needed, strengthening my passion for the cause and my future goals, now with a very real reason behind them. I would love you to join me on this journey to becoming a more conscious consumer and together we can curb consumerism, one conscious step at a time...