Visa Excitement


The process to actually be able to live and work in America is not the most straightforward and also not the most exciting, so I’ll try to keep this brief. Here’s a look into how we obtained our visa’s…

Most importantly, I am lucky enough to have a super smart and talented husband who has been sponsored to work in New York! We both hold Australian passports and will be traveling on the e3 Visa. After a gruelling interview process and a mountain of paperwork our visas have been secured, mine an e3D which means I am travelling on my husbands visa. This gives me the freedom to secure a job after being there for 3 months…hence having the time to write about my New York experience here!

Working Visa

If you hold an Australian passport and have a “specialty” occupation you too can take this route to make your way to the states, read about your visa options here if you are coming from Australia:

Apply for a US Visa in Australia

If you are from neighbouring New Zealand unfortunately the e3 Visa is not available to you but there are different visa options which are detailed here:

Apply for a US Visa in New Zealand

Travel Visa

If, rather than making the big move, you are planning on visiting New York you can apply for your travel visa online. This is through the visa waiver program which is in place for selected countries including Australia and New Zealand. It costs $14USD per person and the application needs to be submitted at least 3 days prior to your departure. Follow the link below to apply: 

ESTA Application