The Baby Bag Guide


When it comes to the perfect bag to tote around the numerous items your little one needs there's no one size fits all, or more accurately, one style fits all occasions. As I’ve quickly learnt, this can be said for many things you’ll buy as a parent, but for the purpose of this post I’m focusing on baby bags, because let’s face it, a bag is part of your outfit and so for me these purchases took careful consideration.

We started by investing in two styles, a his and a hers, or a formal and casual option, to best fit our daily needs and work for both me and my husband. Seven months in and I’ve just purchased my third baby bag to accommodate the smaller storage tray of our travel stroller (another additional item), because why should you lose all sense of your personal style just because you’re traveling…I’m all for the functionality of a backpack but it’s just not my everyday style! Just like the two bags featured in this post it’s not specifically designed to be a baby bag and comes from one of my go to sustainable brands Baggu…I’ll keep you posted on how well it serves me.

Here are my thoughts on what to look for and consider in your search for the perfect baby bag for you and your family:

The Handbag

My priority with this option was to still feel like me, you don’t have to lose all sense of your previous style for functionality! The gorgeous Fashionable Alem Utility Bag has allowed me to retain my personal style while also providing all the function necessary of a baby bag. With enough internal pockets to keep everything organised and large enough to fit mine and baby's stuff this bag is my daily go to. The detachable long strap was a must for me so I’d have the option to wear it crossbody and go handsfree, and to easily hang over the handlebar of my stroller...both of which I have never actually done, I guess some features you can’t be sure you’ll need until you’re in it. The external pocket is great and allows easy access to my phone and keys plus the full zip closure ensures the contents in the main compartment remain matter how tightly they’re packed in! The classic design and better when worn in leather of this everyday tote means it will easily transform and adapt to accommodate whatever is needed of it in the future.

Fashionable creates jobs in communities both locally and globally. They employ women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances and by providing these opportunities have a vision of ending generational poverty. The Alem Utility Bag is handcrafted by artisans in Ethiopia and Mexico with 100% distressed genuine leather.

The Backpack

A necessary functional piece, this second baby bag is technically the hubby's although we did want it to be unisex. The main purpose of the baby backpack is to make family outings to the park and travel easy, and the Lo & Sons Hanover Deluxe Backpack does it all with style and simplicity. Multiple internal pockets keep everything organised and easy to find and with an entirely removable insert any spills are easily cleaned. It also has an easy access front pocket and necessary side slip pockets for the reusable water bottle and quick access to items like wipes. This bag is our go to for family adventures, the memory foam padded shoulder straps make all day carrying a breeze and a sleeve that attaches the bag to luggage handles makes it perfect for longer trips too. 

Lo & Sons creates thoughtfully designed and highly functional bags that are built to last for years. The exterior of the Hanover Backpack is a 600D high density, water resistant, recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Portable Change Mat

There are so many options out there when it comes to portable change mats but I think I've found the most stylish and functional option of them all! The Storq Kit Bag is cute enough to carry on it's own for quick trips out of the house and covers all of the necessary functions required of a change mat. It's large enough to fit diapers, wipes and a change of clothes, while a smooth zip closure and carry handle make it easy to transport. Plus the most genius design element of all is the exterior magnetic pocket that holds the actual change mat, making one handed use a breeze, which when you're holding a baby in one arm is kind of essential! This bag is durable, machine washable and will last through many a new family member! 

Storq creates thoughtfully designed maternity wear to mix seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. Eco-friendly and natural fibres are used where possible and all products are ethically made locally in the USA and in China.

Good luck with your search and I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’ve found essential features for your baby bag (or bags if you’re like me and have multiple!).

The Eco Essentials To Consider When Packing Your Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag.jpg

As you near the end of your pregnancy one of your most pressing tasks will likely be packing your hospital bag...but with so many lists and suggestions out there it can be difficult to know where to start. What do you really need with you to make labour and your few days in hospital easier, more comfortable and an overall positive experience? Rather than a full blown list I’ve broken it down into categories so you can decide for yourself which items will be the best fit for you and your preferences. 

Pass The Time

There’s no telling how long labour will last and you may even find yourself with some time to spare after baby arrives (ambitious...maybe!), so think about what will help you pass the time while keeping you in a positive and relaxed state of mind. Consider entertainment you might enjoy, download some movies or tv shows to binge or have a good book or magazine on hand to help provide some distraction. For more calming options you may want to have a speaker with you and prepare a relaxing playlist or look into some soothing essential oils to diffuse or rub on your pressure points to help you reach a state of zen.  

Keep Mum Comfortable

Your comfort in the hospital is of the highest importance, so whatever you can do to make sure you feel good will be well worth it! Remember you’ll likely be spending a lot of your hospital stay in bed so comfortable pyjamas that are covered up and nursing friendly will be key. And don’t forget warm slippers or socks so you can easily go for walks when the four walls of your room get too much! For heading home, and when you want to feel a little more human during your stay, be sure to also pack a comfortable outfit that should almost definitely include your most loved pregnancy leggings! Check out these sustainable maternity lingerie brands for some beautiful organic loungewear options. [Link to 5 Sustainable Maternity Lingerie Brands]

Care Down There  

Now for some necessary items that you may prefer not to think about but will go a long way for your wellbeing post delivery. It’s all about being gentle down there so when you’re stocking up on maternity pads look for organic cotton options like these from TOM Organic to ensure you get the greatest comfort along with a more sustainable option. You may also want to consider underwear that will comfortably and easily hold your maternity pads, again organic cotton options will provide you with the highest comfort and breathability. I’ve also heard amazing things about the benefits of having a peri bottle and natural herbal sprays to help ease your discomfort in the days following birth.

For Baby

Baby won’t actually need much during his or her first few days of life in the hospital so go easy on how much you pack, even though I’m sure you have so many cute options! One or two outfits including a beanie and a warm blanket for the trip home is all you need. Essentials for baby are often provided by the hospital, be sure to check beforehand, but as long as you’re set for when you get home keep your hospital bag focussed on your needs. If you’re after a special coming home outfit for baby check out these adorable sustainable baby brands for inspiration. [Link to 5 of our favourite ethical and sustainable baby brands]

Don’t Forget Your Support Person

Lastly have a think about the needs of your support person so they can be 100% focussed on you and your wellbeing during your time in hospital. If you have a long labour your support person is likely to get hungry and you might be grateful to have your favourite snacks on hand afterwards as well! Packing snacks from home and a reusable water bottle not only means you’re prepared but also reduces your waste during your hospital stay. Make sure your support person has a copy of your birth plan and has other necessities like phone chargers, relevant contact phone numbers and any insurance or ID information covered as once you’re in labour these will likely be the last things on your mind. They will also require a bag with clothes packed if they’re staying and don’t forget the good camera, pictures on your phone might not cut it in this scenario!

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5 Ethical Maternity Lingerie Brands For New Mums

Whether you’re planning on breastfeeding or not there comes a time during your pregnancy when maternity lingerie will be a necessity. This can be yet another daunting task on your road to motherhood as it, once again, involves areas of your body that have changed and grown! To take the stress out of your lingerie shopping, whether you’re investing in nursing bras or simply need maternity pyjamas for your impending hospital stay, check out these awesome sustainable options that will have you covered no matter what your needs:


1 Belabumbum.jpg

This brand, hailing from Brazil and pronounced bela-boom-boom which means ‘beautiful bum’ in Portuguese, focuses exclusively on maternity and nursing wear and believes mums and mums-to-be need to take a moment to care for themselves. I’m sure we can all agree that’s something we can get on board with! In addition to this mission Belabumbum was founded as a social enterprise, with care, ethics and dignity in all of their work interactions built into the brands approach from the very beginning. Working with 9 factories across South America they nurture entrepreneurs and boost job security through microlending, lower profit margins and smart supply chain management.   

This ethically sourced range includes nursing bras, maternity sleepwear and also a selection of activewear styles, plus you can even get coordinating sleepwear for Mum and baby, too cute!

Sorella Organics

2 Sorella.jpg

Independent Australian label, Sorella Organics, builds their range of sleepwear and loungewear for men, women and expecting mums exclusively using certified organic and fair trade cotton fabrications. But their commitment to ethics and sustainability doesn’t stop there; collections are made both locally and in Fiji, where founder Anna McGregor spent 3 years upskilling workers in cutting, sewing and finishing to help build capacity and create opportunities for workers to partner with other Australian brands, contributing to sustainable employment. Because of her efforts Anna has become an honorary member of Ethical Fashion Forums Fellowship 500, an industry body for sustainable fashion.

With beautifully soft, all organic sleep and lounge collections you’ll find everything you need for relaxing at home in those last months of pregnancy and first few months with baby when your comfort will be key!

Boob Design 

3 Boob.jpg

Boob’s patented nursing collection began when founder, Mia Seipel, realised that mothers, just like super heroes, deserve the right gear. Almost 20 years later and the brand now makes clothes for all stages of motherhood with a focus on double function pieces suitable for pregnancy and nursing. All of this combined with their dedication to use 100% sustainable materials, responsible production through building long lasting relationships with factories that share their human rights and environmental values, and having all products certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex to ensure no harmful chemicals are present, makes Boob Design a leader in sustainable maternity wear. 

For all of your maternity and nursing wardrobe needs from bras to dresses, swimwear to leggings, look no further. These pieces will live in your wardrobe for a long time and Boob Design will even take back what you’re done with to ensure they keep their clothes in the loop.

Top Secret

4 Top Secret.jpg

With a range catering to all of your nursing needs, Top Secret Maternity was founded with a desire to help expecting mums nurse discreetly in public. Creating collections that are fashionable, functional and versatile enough to take you from pregnancy to nursing and beyond remains the brands main focus. Top Secret Maternity achieves all of this while also producing all of their garments locally in Australia from all Australian made fabrics; and with their fabric supplier, garment maker and warehouse all based in Melbourne they’re also reducing their carbon footprint. If all this wasn’t enough the brand is also accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. 

This carefully curated collection of thoughtful designs, which includes a selection of plus size garments, will help simplify your nursing journey.


5 Majamas.png

Committed to making beautiful clothes that don’t destroy the planet, Majamas produces all of it’s garments locally in the USA with fabrics that are also locally made. The brands women’s, maternity, baby and soon to be mens ranges all focus on the use of organic cotton or other more environmentally conscious fabrics like Tencel, Modal or recycled polyester. Local production is what helps Majamas ensure no chemicals are present in their garments, waste water isn’t dumped into the oceans and their garment workers are fairly paid, meeting founder Germaine Capiro’s mission to build a brand centred around responsibility to the environment regardless of the cost.

Discover responsibly made maternity and nursing friendly bras, sleepwear and more plus check out their cute pieces for baby while you’re at it.

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4 Ways To Ensure You Practice Self Care During Pregnancy

Self Care.jpg

Friends, family, strangers, experts, books...all will tell you many things about pregnancy, but sometimes it’s about taking things into your own hands and focussing on what’s right for you. Self care during a time when your body is not only keeping you alive but also creating new life is so important and also something that is entirely personal.

Throughout my journey to motherhood I’ve slowly learnt a few key lessons about practicing self care during pregnancy and ensuring I put mine and my babies well being first. I’m sure I have more lessons to learn in the last few weeks as I near my due date but for now here are my tips on looking after your mind and body as best you can during this exciting and crazy time:

Listen To Your Body

The most important thing you can do during pregnancy is listen to what your body is telling you...reset your boundaries when exercising, eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired. This all sounds simple enough but when your body is going through so many changes and everything you’ve known it to need or have the ability to do is adjusting as it makes room for baby, taking a step back, understanding, and being ok with what your body needs is so important. Plus don’t forget the many symptoms and side effects of pregnancy, so many; I would suggest choosing one book or app that will help you understand the changes going on that aren’t visible, yes there’s a reason you might be short of breath or losing your balance! Knowledge that what you’re experiencing is normal can help put your mind at ease and remind you not to put pressure on yourself to be functioning exactly as you used to.

Focus On Your Own Experience

I can’t express this strongly enough, although pregnancy may seem to be a pretty standard experience, the journey of every Mama-to-be is as unique and different as you are. Yes sometimes it’s nice to share and compare pregnancy experiences, this can actually be helpful, especially if you can be real and confide in someone about the not so great parts! But it’s also best to always remember that your road to motherhood is uniquely yours and while someone else's experience may have had one outcome yours could be completely different. This is especially true when it comes to getting sucked into a google search about any symptoms you may be having, don’t do it! I had a really scary experience in the first trimester of my pregnancy and let’s just say that nothing anyone said or wrote online was going to help me, what was most important in that moment was the support of my partner and doctors.

Ignore Unwanted Comments/Advice/Stories

People commenting on how big you are, like it has ever been ok to pass judgement on your weight, or how small you are, because you really need to be worried that your baby isn’t as big as it should be. Advice about what you should be prepared for when your baby arrives, which are almost always about you can deal with whatever your situation is as and when it happens. Or the good old, I heard a friend of a friend had this happen during pregnancy or have you heard this can happen during childbirth. Yes, we all know the details of labour, no need to mention it again! For some reason as soon as you’re sporting a baby bump anyone and everyone feels it’s their duty to pass judgement, give you advice or worst of all tell you horror stories, whether they’re already a Mum or not. Well my only advice is ignore it all and remember that one key fact about how everyone’s experience is different. You can’t predict what you’ll face but you’ll approach those hurdles if and when they arise like the strong Mama you are. And of course feel free to speak up if someone really oversteps the mark with their comments, you may not have heard but pregnancy hormones are uncontrollable!

Invest In Relaxing

Lastly, don’t feel bad about putting your feet up and taking some time to yourself. You should be making the most of relaxing while you can and before your life changes forever, sorry I hate both of those phrases when other people say them to me but I guess they are true! Your body is doing an amazing thing and indulging in a little you time and some R&R is not that indulgent at all when you consider the ever expanding list of pregnancy symptoms you’re dealing with. Set aside time to enjoy being with your partner as well; go out for dinners, go to the movies, enjoy a day at home on the couch. Basically do whatever makes you comfortable, relaxed and happy...this is a time when being selfish isn’t such a bad thing!

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Wardrobe Lessons I've Learnt During Pregnancy That Apply To Everyone


During different stages of our lives we learn lots of new things, and while my wardrobe is a big part of my life I didn't expect that pregnancy would teach me valuable lessons about it! Navigating a changing body of course presents it's challenges when it comes to what to wear but it's also been about thinking to the future and what this new season of life will mean for my wardrobe and how it works for me and my lifestyle. So here are my top 3 lessons learnt, all of which can be easily applied to any wardrobe out there:

Wash, Wear, Repeat 

It really is ok to wear the same pieces over and over again! And if you love them you'll actually enjoy it. Having my go to outfits has been so much less time consuming and easier to manage, and knowing I'll look and feel good in whichever one I choose to put on is so helpful especially in this time of change. But I do also have to admit my realisation that I'm definitely not a complete minimalist, and probably never will be! I like choice, and that too is ok. Only fitting into one Winter coat has felt a little limiting, although it hasn't really affected my ability to change up my outfits. Layering is so key, wearing different jacket/top combinations under my coat and different scarves/beanies on top of my coat has helped so much. Jeans have been a little harder as they've always been my vice and favourite item of clothing, so getting by with only 4 pairs has been challenging. I definitely appreciate my denim collection more and can't wait to fit back into my beloved jeans again!

Letting Go

I love the idea of a good wardrobe clean out, staying on top of what you love most, what you might be neglecting, what needs mending and focussing on only filling the gaps you might have is so important. But in saying that I've realised the importance of holding on to things as well...because they could be exactly what you need in a new season of your life, you just don't know it yet! Holding on to those items you feel your love affair has ended with can be difficult if you have space constraints, and of course I'm not suggesting a hoarding situation here, but certain timeless, good quality, easy to wear pieces are worth the trouble of keeping as they could be easily reintroduced into your wardrobe down the track. I've had an almost exclusive relationship with clothing that covers my chest over the last few years, meaning crew necks make up most of my wardrobe, which is going to prove problematic should I be lucky enough to breastfeed! The struggle is also real with getting shoes on these days and I dream of a couple of pairs of boots I should've kept that would've been both comfortable and easy to get on right now. You never know when or how your style may change out of necessity!

Life and Style

Practicality, although a rather unsexy word to use when it comes to your wardrobe is actually the key to your clothes working for you and never having one of those I have nothing to wear moments again. The fusing of your personal style with your lifestyle is an art form that will ensure you have the perfect as you can imagine it's not always that easy to perfect, especially when both are moving targets. Really thinking about exactly how an item will work for different scenarios that play out in your lifestyle will help you determine how much wear you can actually get out of a garment. Working with a slightly more limited wardrobe these last few months has meant everything that fits me has had to be practical and cover all of my lifestyle scenarios with ease. Always consider things like how easy a garment is to care for, how well it goes with other pieces in your wardrobe, can it cross over and work for multiple lifestyle needs, does the colour work with your palette and compliment you with and without make up on (yes I'm assuming the make up brushes won't be coming out as often in the coming months!). Don't sacrifice your style but always ensure your clothes suit your lifestyle.