The Hungry Wardrobe Style Journey

Designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge to look and feel your best while also having a positive effect on your wallet, the planet and others. Gain confidence through your wardrobe with the fundamentals of personal styling while focussing on a more conscious approach to consumption and understanding the social and environmental impacts of your fashion choices. Start your journey to becoming a more conscious consumer today!

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Discover Your Colours

Awareness of the colours that work best for your undertone and personality is key to creating a cohesive wardrobe and reducing the stress of putting together outfits. Discover your colouring and create a core colour palette to help guide the hue of your wardrobe.

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Know (And Love) Your Body

Get to know your body, embrace it, love it and learn how to make the most of the ABC's of personal styling...accentuate, balance and camouflage. Utilise the five basic body shape styling guidelines to help you put together your most flattering looks. 

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Find Your Personal Style

Realise the role fashion plays in portraying who you are to the world and learn about how your clothing can best represent you. Find your unique personal style using the seven universal style personalities as your guideline and inspiration. 

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Build Your Wardrobe

Take pride in your clothing, review, organise and take control of your wardrobe and how much is in it. Put to use your learnings about colour, your body shape and your personal style, to start building a wardrobe that is perfectly you.


Become A Conscious Consumer

Embrace your new found styling skills and rethink your approach and attitude towards shopping and consumption. Becoming a more conscious consumer is rewarding in so many ways and it all starts with taking a small step towards awareness and mindfulness.