My New York | 1 Year

Wow, that went much faster than expected, even though the expectation was that it would go pretty quickly! To say I’m a little conflicted might be an understatement but let me start by saying I’m loving our life in New York…and the reason this picture is so personal is because my New York is with Phil. There’s no way this experience would be the same if we weren’t doing it together. 

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I’ve been able to see some of my nearest and dearest friends and family, that part still pains me. I’ve become jaded by some of New York’s nuances and it’s a constant struggle not to give in to becoming the stereotype of a grumpy, unfriendly, negative New Yorker! People on the street still don’t move out of the way, the supermarket deli guy still doesn’t understand my accent and I still can’t stand the funky smells. But…

While some of those initial grin spreading feelings may have faded this has been one of the most incredible years of our lives. The people we’ve been lucky enough to meet, the genuinely new experiences we’ve had, the travel we’ve been able to do, even just the neighbourhood we get to live in, have all contributed to making this a truly incredible, amazing, mind blowing year. It’s the things you don’t expect and can never prepare yourself for when moving countries that essentially are the things that make it all worthwhile. 

New York has become more like a familiar acquaintance than a shiny new toy, and while right now everything feels different to the first 3 months and the 6 month mark, I think the changes will be constant. This city really is a roller coaster ride, you can love it one day and hate it the next, but most of the time you’re screaming with delight!

I will be forever grateful for all of the amazing and not so amazing experiences New York has provided, for adding to my character and testing me as a person. It could be age or it could be New York but I’ve never felt so comfortable in myself!



Labour day weekend was last weekend and provided the perfect excuse to get out of the city and enjoy the warm weather while it’s still around. We’ve been keen to check out Long Island all Summer and decided on North Fork rather than the more popular Hamptons. With beaches and wineries on offer how could you go wrong! Aside from enjoying the incredible pool at our accommodation we loved exploring on bikes and managed to check out a few of the neighbouring towns and of course a few of those wineries! The main street of Mattituck, Love Lane, has not only the cutest name but a curated selection of adorable small town stores and restaurants. Greenport is a bustling town just twenty minutes drive from Mattituck which was well worth checking out for the dinner options. Packed with families, super yachts, restaurants and shops it was a little busier than Love Lane! A completely relaxing and most enjoyable end to the Summer.  



Having visited Londontown many a time before this trip was all about seeing friends and family. Of course the week involved lots of eating and drinking but I also managed to get some casual sightseeing in there. Walking past Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye will never stop being impressive. While markets like Camden and Broadway will always ensure a lovely afternoon and lots of interesting browsing. Getting out of the city to visit Windsor was a first and well worth it, not only for the catch ups but for that quaint English village experience. Another favourite activity was forgoing the viewing platforms for a bar with a view instead. The Sky Garden has the most amazing views and cocktails, highly recommended if you’re visiting London! Plus I came back to New York with some tastes of home…rashuns, pineapple lumps and squiggles, yes please and thanks London!

Rhode Island


We’ve discovered that getting out of the city during Summer is somewhat essential from time to time…to avoid going crazy by heat! Thus we ticked off another state, the smallest in the country in fact, with a weekend visit to Rhode Island. We were in a small seaside town, boasting a yacht club, convenience store and liquor store, so I can’t tell you much about the area except that what we saw was beautiful! If you’re lucky enough to get out on a boat when you’re in the area I would highly recommend it, plus it seems like the thing to do. Of course there are lovely beaches, and some of the most quaint, adorable homes I’ve ever seen…so a pool is also a great option. Overall a much nicer experience than being in New York on a 35 degree weekend!



Another long weekend, another new city, this time to celebrate fourth of July. Boston turned it on with a huge dose of American history, amazing food and impressive fireworks display. A must do is walking the Freedom Trail, a 4km long journey that takes you through the city while highlighting key locations in American history. We did a guided tour which was well worth it for us novices on the topic! A visit to Harvard also raised our intellect just by being in the presence of greatness…a truly inspiring and beautiful place well worth checking out. 

Catching a ball game at Fenway Park was a highlight, at over 100 years old it’s the oldest ballpark in the major league. And be sure to visit the North End for some authentic Italian food and famous cannoli from Mike’s Pastry, yum! Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a vibrant area that has served the city as a meeting hall and marketplace since 1743, and today offers an abundance of food options and street performers. If your feet can manage more walking I highly recommend a stroll through the beautiful Boston Public Garden, adjacent to Boston Common the oldest park in America, to Beacon Hill where you can admire some of the most expensive real estate in the city.