Book To Read Now: A Harvest of Thorns

Corban Addison, known for addressing human rights issues through his three best selling novels, has created a masterpiece with his newest work that shines a spotlight on the current state of the fashion industry and what your purchases really mean. A Harvest Of Thorns was written with the hope of raising questions, about supply chains, corporate responsibility and the need for all stakeholders to take proactive measures in order for change to occur, and it does exactly that. 

Presto is the much loved American corporation which this fiction novel revolves around. A main stay in the countries department store landscape for over 50 years, Presto was built with the goal of offering consumers access to quality goods at an affordable price. But, when a devastating factory fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh claims the lives of hundreds of workers and sees a photo from the aftermath go viral, it's the beginning of what could be Presto's demise. Inspired by a real event and written based on information gathered from various industry insiders and experts, the events that unfold go well beyond the factory fire and traverse multiple countries. Touching on the complexity of the fashion industry and continually coming back to the question of who assumes responsibility, the novel orbits the worlds of two main characters. Cameron Alexander, Presto's general counsel, and Josh Griswold, a former journalist, who provide the perfect balance of perspectives to navigate the storyline.  

"...the companies that would define the future were the enlightened ones who saw business as a means to contribute to society, not just to enrich investors."

This is a gripping novel with a thought provoking ending and lots of twists and turns along the way. A must read for anyone interested in ethical fashion or who purchases clothing, this book captures an issue that touches all of us and as the plot develops it's clear to see how closely this fictional story resembles reality. This was one of those books that I couldn't put down once I picked it up but each time I picked it up I was slightly hesitant because I didn't want the story to end! Get your hands on a copy of this amazing book today and learn more about Corban Addison and his other books.