How To Style Your Wardrobe

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Image - Pinterest

That's right, this post is dedicated to getting your wardrobe merchandised to perfection. I'm a big believer that creating outfits that make you look and feel your best all starts with a well laid out and tidy wardrobe. If your wardrobe doesn't look it's best then how can you! Having items in your wardrobe visible and organised in a way that works for you is key to making the most of all of your clothing and creating your best looks. So let's get wardrobe styling!


Start by deciding how you want the basic organization of your wardrobe to go, think about how you approach putting together outfits and getting dressed. Choose what makes the most sense to you and categorize your wardrobe using one or more of the following groupings:

  • Colour Groups
  • Garment Types
  • Outfit Combinations
  • Occasions

Organisation Tip: Think about seasonality when organizing your wardrobe and try to store out of season items separately to prevent doing a wardrobe swap at the beginning of the new season is super fun and allows for easy reassessment of what might be missing and what needs to go. 


Hanging space versus drawer space is a key factor to assess before deciding on the layout of your wardrobe. Of course there are certain items that are better folded to avoid stretching and others that are better hung for ease of visibility and reduced creasing, but you also need to make these decisions with usability in mind and what works best for you.

Suggested Items to Hang:

  • Jackets & Coats
  • Dresses & Skirts
  • Blouses & T-shirts

Additional Hanging Space Tip: Extra hanging space via the use of a small free standing rail is a great tool for grouping your weekly outfits, there's nothing like a bit of pre planning to save time in the morning! Or make use of the extra space to plan a capsule wardrobe, wether it be for an upcoming holiday or the new season.

Hanging Tip: Use wooden or velvet covered hangers to keep your clothing in the best shape possible and avoid marks at the shoulders. Matching hangers is also more aesthetically pleasing and will make your wardrobe feel like a store!

Suggested Items to Fold:

  • Jumpers & Sweatshirts
  • Jeans & Pants
  • Shorts

Additional Folding Space Tip: Create additional folding space easily with hanging shelves which are perfect for storing your sweaters in Winter. You can also make use of storage baskets to stack jeans and other folded garments or store accessories in. Depending on how visible these storage systems are you might decide to go for function only or consider aesthetics too!

Folding Tip: Fold your jeans with the zipper facing outward to prevent curling the button closure seam inwards. This can cause it to stick out and create those annoying holes in your t-shirts.


Accessories are key to completing any look so don't neglect their storage. Here are a few ideas for laying out your accessories wardrobe: 

Shoes - tiered shoe racks are great to add storage space and nicely display your footwear collection. For larger areas a small shelving unit works well for shoe storage. Keep out of season footwear in a compartmentalized zip up storage case to reduce clutter and protect from dust.

Scarves - coat racks, wether freestanding or wall mounted are great for storing scarves and make them easily visible. Otherwise storage baskets will nicely display rolled scarves and help avoid folding creases.

Hats and Bags - use shelving space to stack or line up hats and bags. Wall hooks are also great for hanging space behind your wardrobe door or on display to create some artistic wall decoration.

Jewellery - jewellery trees, trays and boxes all help keep your collection together and easily visible, just ensure you have enough storage space to avoid a tangled mess. Keep precious jewellery in airtight storage, small snap lock bags work well, to prevent tarnishing.

Accessories Tip: Always have a full length mirror within close proximity to your wardrobe to ensure you can easily review your entire outfit and make sure you feel amazing before leaving the house!


Maintaining a well merchandised wardrobe does require ongoing effort but is well worth it when you consider the benefits that a visually pleasing and easy to navigate wardrobe will bring you:

  • Increased enjoyment when you're creating outfits and getting dressed in a clutter free and organised environment that works for you. 
  • No more unnecessary purchases because you'll be making the most of everything you already own.
  • An extended life for your clothing and accessories with proper storage, plus they'll be in better condition for future resale.
  • A space you can proudly display your curated, personal wardrobe that is loved and cared for.