Fashion Is Not Exclusive

Whether you like it or not the fact of the matter is that as humans we all wear clothing...which means we all play a small part in this industry. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and while we all have varying degrees of interest in fashion and choose to allocate varying amounts of time and thought to what we wear, essentially every single one of us makes fashion choices every morning when we get dressed.

What we wear represents who we are, what we believe, what we want to be, it's our identity. Some people take an anti fashion stance and dislike the idea that what you wear is or should be an aesthetic representation of yourself. I'm not here to tell those people they're wrong, we are all free to believe what we like. However, something that is often associated with this way of thinking is the idea that being concerned about aesthetics is something a person of intellect wouldn't be bothered with. This notion I have more of a problem with!

How did something that has for so long been part of our culture, something that has invariably become part of who we are as humans, receive such a negative position in society? Fashion and what we wear is symbolic of our history and the craft of constructing garments is a true skill and art form.

To deny that fashion plays a role in all of our lives is to deny an aspect of being human and how we express ourselves. What we wear is a choice, even if it's declared as anti fashion, this is a fashion choice in itself. To put effort into how you look does not diminish your intellect, in fact I believe it to be more a sign of respect for yourself, and therefore adds to who you are. We all have the power to make our fashion choices mean something, not only to ourselves but to the environment and our fellow humans.

Let this serve as a reminder that we are all in this together!