How To Style Accessories Part 2

Now that you have a handle on the two main accessory items in your wardrobe, footwear and handbags, it's time to tackle a couple of smaller but equally significant accessories that make up your collection. Scarves and belts are sometimes necessary and always powerful accessories that can significantly impact your look. If you haven't read Styling Accessories Part 1  yet then make sure you check it out! 



Scarves are a great accessory to tie your look together and while this accessory is mostly reserved for the colder months there are great lightweight options that can be more trans-seasonal and even double as a sarong for the beach. While scarves don't play a role in complimenting your body shape there are still some key styling tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your scarf collection.

  • Select patterned scarves that incorporate the colours in your colour palette and make sure solid colour scarves will work back with as many outfits as possible.
  • Wear a scarf to tie your look together with a pattern that groups the colours in your look and creates a link.
  • A scarf with your hair colour in the pattern will always be complimentary.
  • For perfect drape, grab your scarf at one corner and let it hang before putting it on, creating a diagonal line at its ends.
  • Small neck scarfs give your look a more elegant or quirky feel depending on the print and can also be used as decoration for your handbag or as a headband.
  • Incorporate textural interest into your look with a chunky knit scarf or faux fur option.


Images - Top - Unknown &  The Fashion Cuisine  / Bottom -  DariaDaria  &  Gal Meets Glam

Images - Top - Unknown & The Fashion Cuisine / Bottom - DariaDaria & Gal Meets Glam

Belts are an accessory I've always found a little hit or miss and, aside from doing their intended job of keeping your pants in place, they need to be used with caution. Although they can help define your body shape they can also attract unwanted attention to areas you prefer to camouflage. Make sure you're using your belts in the most flattering way with these styling tips. 

  • Belts that range from 0.5" to 1.5" inches in thickness are the most versatile and flattering width for all body shapes.
  • Match your belt colour to your top or dress colour to help elongate a short waisted figure and avoid creating contrast and therefore a break point in your outfit.
  • Match your belt colour to your bottoms colour to minimise a high waisted silhouette, avoiding drawing attention to the top of your rise.
  • Use a belt to create a waist by cinching an oversized top or dress...if you want to draw attention to this area!
  • If your belt is a little long, loop it behind itself and back through the front to create a knot and minimize overhang (see image 1).
  • Belt a draped scarf around the waist to take it from scarf to coat.