5 Perfect White Grammar Shirts And 5 Beautiful Body Shapes


Dressing your best is simple when you know, understand and love your body shape; and with Grammar’s five perfect white shirts, made locally in New York’s garment district from 100% organic cotton, you can go from day to night, work to casual with ease all while fitting your body shape perfectly. Learn your perfect fit based on your body shape and get your white shirt working hard for you:

The Preposition

1 Preposition.png

Best for: Oval Body Shape

Goal: Add volume and width to your shoulders, draw attention above your bust line and accentuate your slender legs.

How the Preposition works for you: The collar extension and structured shoulders draw attention to and add width to your shoulder line. A loose silhouette skims over your bust and flares out to obscure your waist all while creating a flattering diagonal line at the front and back hem across your hips and booty.

Style your Preposition: Highlight those pins with slim pants or jeans and add a heel for extra impact; a low vamp will create the most flattering line. Use a statement earring and/or bold lip colour to further draw attention above your bust line.

Also good for: Rectangle and triangle body shapes, short/petite ladies and those wanting to camouflage a booty.

The Dangling Modifier

2 Dangling Modifier.png

Best for: Rectangle Body Shape

Goal: Create curves by enhancing your upper body, forming a waist and adding volume at your hips.

How the Dangling Modifier works for you: Waist darts at the front and back work in harmony with your body shape by following your natural body line. Structured shoulders enhance your upper body while the longer length creates interest and volume at your lower body.

Style your Dangling Modifier: Add extra focus and create curves by belting at your waist and for a more casual look roll the sleeves to sit at your waistline.

Also good for: Inverted triangle body shape and those blessed with height.

The Split Infinitive

3 Split Infinitive.png

Best for: Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Goal: Balance out your top half by adding volume and drawing attention to your lower body.

How the Split Infinitive works for you: The slightly dropped shoulder seams help soften and minimise your broader shoulders while those stunning billowy sleeves help draw attention to your lower half.

Style your Split Infinitive: Add a long necklace over a buttoned up look or wear buttons undone as low as you dare to further balance out your top half by drawing the eye down. Tuck into a full skirt, think bright or printed, or wear with relaxed fit jeans to focus attention on your lower body.

Also good for: Oval body shape and those wanting to show off their booty.

The Conjunction

4 Conjunction.png

Best for: Hourglass Body Shape

Goal: Frame your balanced body by highlighting your bust, waist and hips.

How the Conjunction works for you: Drawing attention exactly where you want it, at your defined waist, the knot design detail makes a statement while working in harmony with your body shape. Back darts make sure this silhouette fits close to the body and is flattering your natural curves from all angles.

Style your Conjunction: This style speaks for itself but for added drama tie hair back in a sleek pony or bun, add a bold lip and use your footwear and outerwear choice to set the tone...an oversized coat and kicks for daytime and a blazer and heels for later.

Also good for: Rectangle body shape and those wanting to accentuate a smaller bust or show off a fuller bust.

The Verb

5 Verb.png

Best for: Triangle Body Shape

Goal: Balance out your bottom half by adding volume and drawing attention to your upper body.

How the Verb works for you: A structured collar and fitted shoulders help broaden and accentuate your shoulder line while bust darts and a centre back seam create a perfect fit through the body. All finished with a curved hemline that flatters your hips with a soft diagonal line.

Style your Verb: Pair with darker colored pieces and streamlined silhouettes on the bottom of your body to further balance out your bottom half and help draw more attention to your upper body with bold earrings, a statement necklace or bright lip.

Also good for: Hourglass body shape (especially when tucked in to accentuate that waist!) and anyone wanting a classic shirt with complete versatility to be styled to suit your body shape! 

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The 3 Silhouettes You Need To Master Maternity Style

While the thought of dressing an entirely new body shape might seem daunting it really can be quite simple when you realise there are only three silhouettes you need to rely on to see you through your entire pregnancy. And the best part is, you'll likely find a number of pieces in these silhouettes already in your wardrobe. So when it comes to accommodating your pregnant belly, stick to these key shapes to master easy and flattering pregnancy and post pregnancy style:



1 Fitted.png

Perfect to stretch with your growing belly, fitted styles will ensure it's obvious that you're pregnant in the early days and avoid making you look bigger than you actually are towards the end!  

Styles with ruched waists or side seam gathering fit nicely over a pregnant belly and will also be more flattering postpartum, so keep longevity in mind if you're investing in this style during your pregnancy.

Any fitted tops you currently have in your wardrobe will nicely stretch over your belly during pregnancy and if they become too short it's easy to layer a fitted tank underneath for extra length. And you can rely on fitted dresses which are perfect for showing off that growing bump and staying comfortable!


Empire Line

2 Empire Line.png

Probably the most flattering shape to see you through your entire pregnancy, empire line styles show off your bump while also skimming over any areas that may have also grown but you'd prefer not to highlight.

Make the most of accentuating your bust and showing off your bump with empire line tops and dresses in soft and draping fabrications. This shape will also be complimentary postpartum to skim over your belly so keep in mind the wearability of pieces once baby arrives. 

You may not have an abundance of empire line styles already in your wardrobe and if you do they may not accommodate your mid section through your entire pregnancy! You can however use belts to create this silhouette with any loose fit and flowing pieces you already have or with a top worn over a dress and tied above your belly.  



3 Oversized.png

Easy and comfortable, and the most likely to already exist in your wardrobe, oversized styles will last you through your entire pregnancy and beyond. 

Best in the early days when you might still be trying to hide that you're pregnant and then once again when you're struggling to find clothes that fit! You'll likely have a stage in the middle of your pregnancy when you avoid oversized pieces and instead enjoy showing your bump off!

Use necklaces, earrings and bold lip colours to draw attention up and away from your expanding belly which will create a more balanced look. And once again layering is key with oversized pieces, either to create interest or to help extend the wearability of a top with a long fitted singlet underneath. 


Dressing your bump should be an enjoyable experience and a fun reason to create new looks by styling your clothes differently. Remember to embrace your changing body, even though it may not always be easy, and use your clothes to help you feel like the strong, powerful Mama-to-be that you are!

How To Build Your Maternity Wardrobe Sustainably

Maternity Wardrobe.jpg

When you're dealing with a constantly expanding waistline there's no choice but to adjust your wardrobe to accommodate your new shape! This is such an exciting time but can also be overwhelming for so many reasons...so scratch one worry off your list because we've got you covered when it comes to your maternity wardrobe. Before you get carried away and unnecessarily shop up a storm for your new 40 week role, consider these alternatives and build your maternity wardrobe more sustainably:

Shop Your Wardrobe

Start with what you have...always the best place to start! There will for sure be certain pieces in your current wardrobe that have stretch, from jersey dresses to oversized sweaters, and elastic, like those faithful track pants or comfy leggings. These pieces will easily grow with your belly for at least part, if not all, of your pregnancy. And don't forget to pop on over to the other side of the wardrobe and check out what your partner might have that works for your new shape! I've discovered the most comfortable hoodie and some outerwear pieces that will fit me a little longer than my own. Make sure you separate out what still fits in your wardrobe as you grow and put the rest out of sight to avoid being disheartened about the clothes you can't wear, for now!!  

Borrow From Friends

If you have any friends that have recently been pregnant then hit them up for any pieces they might be looking to get rid of or are happy to loan you for the next few months. The Mum community is a very inclusive and all embracing one so make the most of being part of the club! Being able to borrow a few items from friends can significantly reduce the number of items you need to purchase or at the very least delay the need for a new purchase which buys you extra time to research. I found this super helpful at the beginning of my pregnancy when my jeans were just that little bit too tight but I hadn't got my head around maternity shopping yet! Just be sure to take good care of any borrowed items, I’m sure your friends will appreciate getting more wear out of their maternity clothes during any future pregnancies.

Buy Second Hand

While there may not be an abundance of second hand stores that specialise in maternity wear you will easily find a huge selection online at sites like Ebay. Anyone who's been pregnant, as we know, only had a need for maternity specific pieces for a short amount of time so you can imagine how many women are keen to make a bit of extra cash getting rid of clothes they're likely glad to be done with...and you get clothing that has only been used for a matter of months for a bargain price! I was trying on a pair of maternity jeans in store and checked Ebay before making a purchase only to find them for half the price and they'd never even been worn. Plus if you've borrowed from a friend you've got that extra time up your sleeve to create alerts and wait for your perfect maternity piece to present itself before you’re in desperate need of pants that fit!

Buy Beyond Pregnancy Pieces

If you do invest in a few maternity styles, because let's face it we all need to make new purchases sometimes and it's exciting as a Mum-to-be to shop for your bump, then think to the future and focus on beyond maternity pieces. So many maternity friendly styles are just as wearable post pregnancy, think side gathering details or loose and oversized fits. Plus consider your needs post babies arrival, like if you’ll be breastfeeding, if you’ll want to flaunt or disguise your post baby bod, and whether you have enough easy wash items for the spit up that’s headed your way, and make purchases that accommodate these needs as well. If you buy pieces you absolutely love then you'll be so happy to have them last you more than a few months and you’ll give yourself much more of a chance of reaching 30 wears!

Embrace your new curves and remember that although this is a temporary state you can plan your wardrobe to accommodate your short term and long term clothing requirements. Stay comfy and maternally chic my friends!  

You might also like to check out Maternity Wardrobe Essentials Worth Investing In to discover my 4 essential items to make your maternity wardrobe work for you.

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4 Classics For Your Sustainable Winter Wardrobe

The epitome of a sustainable wardrobe is buying less and making your clothes last. So what better way to ensure you achieve these two key actions than focussing on the classics, pieces that will see you through season after season and easily reach 30 wears in your wardrobe. Dressing for the cold can often seem like you need more, of course it's necessary to be wearing  more clothing than usual, but with some clever layering and making the most of fabric and colour choices you can achieve an interesting Winter wardrobe without an abundance of things. 

So here are my top 4 Winter classics to make the coming chilly months and many Winter seasons ahead stylish, chic and sustainable:


1 Coats.png

When it comes to cold weather a good coat will be your saviour, your best friend, your finishing touch to every look! Having a polished style and a more casual style in your basic coat collection will mean you're covered for any occasion. Choose a colour that compliments your wardrobes colour palette and will work back with all of your looks for optimum versatility, think neutrals...which may mean black but may also mean red depending on your style. And most importantly select a weight and fabrication that best accommodates the temperatures you live in so your coat is sure to serve its purpose!



2 Black.png

All black everything is one of my favourite looks and even if you're not a lover of black like I am this is always a perfect go to combination in Winter...hear me out! Wether your style is understated and you have a wardrobe full of black or you prefer a more colourful approach you can make this look your own...combine different textures to create interest and add pops of colour with accessories, a bright beanie or scarf, statement boots or a bold lip. Or simply use all black as your base to make one bright piece, like a sweater or coat, really stand out. All black really can work for every style because it's so easily personalised!



3 Boots.png

The exclamation point to your outfit and the accessory that can tie a look together or set the tone for your entire ensemble. As boots are often an item of necessity, hello snow, I take a similar approach with boots as I do with my coat collection. One pair to cover your local weather requirements and an everyday pair that you can easily walk for miles in. Again stick with colours that work with your wardrobe and possibly match back with other accessories you have like handbags. And because shoes are as I mentioned before, outfit defining, a go to pair for dressier occasions is often useful! 



4 Wool.png

The best natural fibre to keep you warm all Winter long wether you're snuggled in a cosy sweater or wrapped in a scarf. When it comes to woollen accessories keep versatility in mind and stick with colours that work together, it's likely your scarves and beanies will be worn at the same time and will most definitely need to work back with your sweater collection. Focus on sweater silhouettes that work for your body shape and aren't too trend driven, a classic cable knit or longline tunic will serve you well for years. Wool will work hard in your wardrobe and, if you take good care of it, will have you staying cosy for a long time!


If you happen to be in the Southern hemisphere and enjoying some sunshine right now be sure to check out my 4 Timeless Summer Styles post for style tips more relevant to your current climate!

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Maternity Wardrobe Essentials Worth Investing In

Pregnancy 2 2.jpg

Navigating a constantly changing body shape and size can make getting dressed a little tricky to say the least! Of course there are certain pieces in your current wardrobe that will easily accommodate your pregnancy bod but there's no avoiding the need for some essentials to ensure you get through the next 40(ish) weeks fully clothed. That being said, it's best to be realistic about the fact that it is only 40 weeks of your life and buying a whole new wardrobe for such a short term is both uneconomical and unsustainable. 

Making sure your wardrobe keeps you comfortable and reflects your personal style as best it can while you're likely not feeling completely yourself and dealing with the many symptoms of being a human incubator is super important...as is spending your dollars wisely and avoiding unnecessary consumption. So listen up ladies, here are my top maternity essentials that are worth the investment:

Maternity Bras

Get these ASAP! There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable in an ill fitting bra and chances are you'll need some form of support for sleeping too. I started with nursing sleep bras which are more like crop tops so you don't feel like you're going full maternity so soon. These are comfortable enough for sleeping and during the day plus they'll be functional when baby arrives. My only word of warning is you will continue to grow so keep this in mind when choosing cup size or don't purchase too many early on! 

Stretchy Bottoms

Pants, jeans, skirts, shorts...all bottom of the body garments are the obvious contenders for being the first to be too small. Depending on the season and your lifestyle needs, investing in comfortable pants, jeans, skirts or shorts that will grow with you through your pregnancy is a must! I'm heading into winter and typically wear jeans everyday so I focussed on getting a couple of decent pairs early on for comfort and have since developed a new found love for leggings. If possible I would recommend trying on before you buy on this one, I found I'm a size smaller in all my maternity jeans than my regular jeans plus most maternity stores have a strap on bump so you can see how they'll fit you further down the track (this freaked me out at first but it is helpful!). 

Long Singlets

An essential to wear with all of those maternity bottoms! With elastic waistbands everywhere it's necessary to have a selection of long maternity singlets to both disguise said waistbands and to stretch with you as you grow. I wear fitted long singlets everyday layered under my sweaters which not only hide my elastic waistband but are also comfortable and provide extra warmth. These singlets would also be perfect on their own if you're in warmer temps but you may want to consider a variation of fitted and other styles so it doesn't feel like you're wearing the same thing everyday. The best part is this stretchy, multi-purpose item will work just as well in your post pregnancy wardrobe and for any season. 

Beyond Pregnancy Styles

It's easy to get sucked into all of these new shopping options, especially if this is your first pregnancy, as you discover the world of maternity style. Try to think beyond your due date and only invest in pieces that you love and will work in your wardrobe well after baby has arrived. If you plan to breast feed it might be useful to consider how tops might work for this now to prolong the longevity and usefulness of a purchase. There are so many great styles out there, maternity and regular, that will work for your changing body and although this is an exciting time remember to continue practicing conscious consumerism.

You might also like to check out How To Build Your Maternity Wardrobe Sustainably for my top tips on clothing that belly responsibly. 

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