Book To Read Now: Wardrobe Crisis

You know when you're reading a book and you can't put it down but at the same time you don't want it to ever end? Well this was one of those books for me, it nourished my soul and had me so engrossed that I almost purposely read slower to soak up every word! Author, Clare Press, brings to Wardrobe Crisis a wealth of knowledge from her long involvement in the fashion industry, working as a fashion designer, brand consultant, editor and columnist, and currently heading up Marie Claire magazine in Australia. With this intrinsic understanding of the industry combined with inside connections Clare has put together an educational and inspiring read covering all things relevant to the fashion industry today...sustainability! 

How did we get here? As Clare examines the current state of fashion, in the witty and insightful way I've come to admire as her hallmark, you're taken on a journey of shock, disbelief, understanding and finally empowerment to disrupt it's current direction. Delving way back to the beginnings of this booming industry and the inception of different fabrics and garment construction processes (did you know the story of silk discovery claims it was by accident!), Wardrobe Crisis takes a deep look at the path that lead fashion, and consumers, to where we are today.

"...too much rarely makes us feel good. You binge; you get a hangover." - Clare Press

Gain a greater understanding of the implications of fast fashion and what we face if we continue down this path while also hearing from an array of industry insiders that, due to their varied experiences and viewpoints, allows you as the reader to determine your own position and how you will contribute. Rather than painting a very grim picture of fashion, which could easily be done, Wardrobe Crisis paints an easier to digest but also very real picture. This book will definitely leave you with at least one, but most likely many, take aways to inspire change in the way you shop and view your clothing. 

Wardrobe Crisis has also taken on a life in the audio sphere as Clare has started a podcast continuing the journey of this incredible book. Hosting guests from various areas of the industry she continues to examine the fashion system and dig deep into the real issues it faces today with a focus on the effects it has on people and the planet. Get reading and listening now! For information about Wardrobe Crisis the book and podcast visit Clare Press