The Travel Essentials You Need To Pack For Your Next Big Trip

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I'm going home this week for the first time in 2 years!! In case you can't tell I'm a little bit excited...but, although it will be totally worth it I'm not so excited about the 17 hours of flying it's going to take to get there! Because my mind has been focussed on packing for the last week, or maybe two because I do so enjoy packing for a holiday, I wanted to share my thoughts on the essential items you should pack for your next big trip. No matter your destination keep these pieces in mind to make packing and putting together your trip outfits simple: 

Your Travel Outfit

Ok so we're starting with items you won't actually be packing but what you wear on a flight, even if it's a short one, is pretty important. I've come to learn over the years that you can pretty much guarantee your flight will be a cold one, so be sure to rug up and focus entirely on comfort. Trackpants or leggings are anything but daggy these days and are by far the most comfortable pant options to travel in. I like to also ensure I have a scarf that will double as a blanket if I need it. Wear your most bulky shoes and coat/jacket to save room in your suitcase, you can always take them off and store them in the overhead lockers once you're in the air! 

Practical Shoes

It's not the most appealing word but when it comes to travel and what you put on your feet, practicality is a necessity. Comfortable shoes for walking and being on the go all day are a must, I tend to go for sneakers or Birkenstocks. Then consider versatile footwear that you can wear dressed up or casually, think boots or sandals, to cover all bases and reduce the number of bulky items you have to pack. I like to travel in sneakers and pack two pairs of other shoes that accommodate the temps I'll be visiting.

Everyday Denim

In my opinion, wether it be in the form of jeans, shorts, skirts or jackets, denim is a must when traveling. It doesn't need to be washed frequently, it's durable and doesn't crease, plus it will match with every colour and print you decide to pack to wear with it! Vary the washes of your denim so you don't feel like you're wearing the same thing everyday and always include black denim when you're packing for the ease of dressing it up or down.   

Versatile Jackets

A jacket (or two!) that goes with all or most of your outfits will be essential on any trip. Even in warmer climates it can cool down at night and you'll need a light jacket, one you can tie around your waist is always nice and easy. Wearing one of your jackets on the plane will mean you have room for one or two more in your suitcase, remember to wear the bulkiest option! Jackets you can layer provide versatility in changeable climates, like a light jacket layered under a leather jacket or leather jacket under a coat, plus this increases your outfit options.


If you're going to a tropical location this is an obvious one but I like to pack one bathing suit wherever I go just in case. You never know if you'll be in a spa in cooler climates or better still visiting a day spa! 

Rely on Accessories

Don't forget jewelry and accessories, and lipstick which we'll class as an accessory in this case, as super small items to pack that can make a big difference to your outfits. Wearing the same top won't feel so dull if you have necklaces or earrings to help mix it up. And take that basic top straight to a night look with a bold lip...accessorizing is seriously the simplest way to change up your looks.

Safe travels and happy packing everyone!