The Snow Storm


Our first real snow experience and we got the third-largest snowfall New York has ever seen! Prepared for a day of bunkering down inside the storm was all too exciting and we ventured out not once, not twice, but three times. By 2.30pm the city had put a ban on cars being on the road and of course all public transport had ceased and almost everywhere was closed.

It was the most surreal feeling walking down the middle of the road, snow falling all around you and visibility at only 500 metres. Cars completely buried under snow and yards a blanket of white right up to the fence line were the greatest indicators of just how much snow had fallen. As the sun set the atmosphere became even more peaceful and after a quick wander we were surprised to discover our local bar was open…and packed! 

An unforgettable weekend finished off with sledding in the park. It’s amazing how nature can change a landscape and be such a new and exciting experience when you’re from the other side of the world.