Book To Read Now: Worn Stories

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Author Emily Spivack's fascination with the stories behind our most beloved items of clothing is one that goes back many years. It began with her love of vintage objects and a curiosity about their former lives. This sparked the creation of her blog Sentimental Value to document the more interesting stories about vintage clothes and accessories she discovered on Ebay. Over 60 of Emily's clothing related tales were published in 2014 in a book called Worn Stories which is now also a website where you too can contribute your story of an article of clothing that has special meaning to you. 

The book documents our relationship with clothing in a collection of short stories from musicians to fashion designers, everyday people to the extraordinary. It's a lovely and easy read that shines a spotlight on the significance and meaning our clothing can hold as sentimental and sometimes self identifying objects. Like the author I've never been all that sentimental about my clothing or thought too much about the stories behind them. But for the storytellers in this book certain pieces of clothing spark memories and emotions that are so strong and have such an array of capturing meanings behind them.

Worn Stories by Emily Spivack Book Trailer

These tales inspired me to not only take more pride in my clothes and view them in a higher regard but also to create stories around them. If we hold on to and really wear and live life in those special pieces imagine how much more meaning they will have. This book bridges a connection with our clothing that has long been lost in the era of fast fashion. I read the kindle version but would highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book to take advantage of the colour images of the subjects of each "worn" story.

Worn Stories is available HERE