Times Square


Created by the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue this now iconic area of Manhattan gained its name in 1904 when the New York Times offices moved in, convincing the mayor at the time to build a subway station at the sight which is now one of the busiest in the city. Today Times Square is one of the worlds most visited tourist attractions with 460,000 people passing through its five block length on its busiest days. Although the New York Times offices are no longer located here the tradition of the ball drop that started in 1907 still takes place every new years eve, attracting over 1 million people to the area. You might just be able to make out the ball at the top of the middle building…yep it’s that small! Times Square is definitely a wonder worth witnessing but once you live here you quickly realise it should be avoided at all costs!

Flatiron Building

One of my favourite buildings in this city, maybe because it reminds me of my favourite TV show, Friends, or simply because it’s so breathtakingly different. Completed in 1902 the Flatiron Building was one of the city’s tallest buildings at 20 floors high. It has since had an extra floor added and although these days it is merely an office building there’s no doubt it is a New York icon…and it has been since 1966 when it was designated a New York City Landmark. From the back it is unassuming and appears to be just another building, beautiful and grand but nothing out of the ordinary. The view from the front is quite the opposite though, and well worth visiting for a great tourist snap!

Top of the Rock


This still remains top of my list of favourite attractions in New York. Seeing Manhattan from an observation platform is like nothing else…there really is no other way to get a sense of the landscape and put into perspective how incredible this city is. Set at the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, seventy floors up, it’s not the highest vantage point but it is definitely the best view. 

With Lower Manhattan and the Empire State Building right down to One World Trade Center in one direction, and Upper Manhattan and Central Park in the other, it’s the only spot that includes all the incredible landmark buildings in its view. You can’t see the Empire State Building from the Empire State Building observation deck…just saying! 

Top of The Rock

Mon - Sun 8am - Midnight

Brooklyn Bridge


Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is incredible and one of the best free activities you can do in this city. The views are breathtaking and give you a great vantage point of Manhattan and Brooklyn. I may be a little bias on this one as it’s a special place for me and the hubby being the location of our engagement almost 4 years ago!

With an elevated walkway for pedestrians and bikes it takes around half an hour to cross the bridge on foot, but let’s face it you’re going to want to stop for photos. For the best views visit at dusk to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the city on a clear day or at night to marvel at the sparkling skyline of Manhattan. 

Beware of bikes and try to stay clear of the bike lane, they will get angry and possibly run you down! To enjoy a more peaceful experience on the bridge your best bet is to visit early in the morning or late at night…as with most attractions in New York!