How To Style For Your Face Shape

We talk about body shape a lot when it comes to flattering styles and the clothes that make you feel great, but what about your face shape? Did you know that your face shape also links back to the clothes you wear and how they accentuate or camouflage certain features? As usual, there are no hard and fast rules and you should always wear what you feel amazing in. Knowing your face shape will help you understand how styling will play up or play down your facial shape and yours now!

How to determine your face shape:

First decide if your facial features are round or angular? This will correlate directly to the face shape images above when deciding which best fits you. 

Where is your face the widest? Mentally divide your face into 3 sections, top (forehead), middle (eyes/cheekbones) and bottom (chin/jawline). Is the widest point of your face, when viewed from the front, at the top, middle or bottom section of your face or are all three sections an equal width? Use the guidelines below to figure out which shape best fits your face based on its widest point/s and features.

Wider Forehead =  Heart  

Wider Cheekbones/Eyes = Oval / Circle / Diamond

Wider Jawline = Triangle

Equal Width = Square / Oblong

As with body shapes you may be a combination of more than one of the face shapes. What's most important is that you get to know and understand your facial features and how design elements will accentuate or balance these features. 

How your clothing choices relate to your face shape:

Accentuate/Camouflage - 

  • Wearing necklines that follow the shape of your jawline will accentuate its shape. For example, a v-neck with a diamond or heart shaped face or a scoop neck with an oval face shape will make the shape of your jawline more prominent. Creating contrast by wearing opposing necklines, for example a v-neck with a round face shape, will help camouflage a particularly pointed or round jawline. 
  • The width of your neckline links to the width of your face and wearing a neckline that is wider than your face will make it appear wider than it is. Face shapes with a wider jawline or single width face shapes, like triangle or oblong, may want to avoid this while oval and diamond shapes may want to use this to balance a longer face.
  • This is also true when it comes to the depth of your neckline and how it relates to the length of your face. Lower necklines accentuate length while high necklines camouflage length. For example, a low v-neck will elongate your face while a high crew neck will shorten it.
  • Clothing features, like necklines and pattern,  that reflect the features of your face, round or angular, will work harmoniously with your look. Wearing opposing shapes to your facial features will create contrast for a more statement making look.


  • Creating a focal point with your accessories is key as this is where attention will be drawn. Wearing a crew neck top with a v-shaped necklace means the necklace will be the link to your face shape, while a v-neck top with a neck scarf actually creates a rounded link to your face shape.  
  • Accessory shapes and proportions link back to not only your body but also your face shape...especially jewellery which is worn close to your face. A necklace with rounded features will compliment a round face shape while wearing long earrings with an oval face shape will accentuate it's length. It's all about what you want to play up...or not!

Obviously hair styles and eyebrow shapes also link hugely to your face shape but I am no expert in this area! It's definitely worth getting advice from your hairstylist and/or beautician if you're looking to accentuate or camouflage certain facial features or your face shape further.