Stop Checking The Price Tag

If shopping was a sport then checking price tags would seem like a strange thing to eliminate from your next game. But as you all know by now shopping is most definitely not a sport, so stick with me on this one!

While of course I understand we all have varying budgets when it comes to filling our wardrobes, a recent shopping trip opened my eyes to how much price really drives our purchases. Wandering through store after store I realized not only how merchandising and advertising calls out enticingly low price points but also how I instinctively go straight for the price tag as soon as I spot an item that attracts me. Makes sense right? But how much are we being influenced by price rather than wether we really love an item? These days the marketing of fashion is so heavily focussed on price that it seems we're more driven by getting a bargain than an item of quality that will live in our wardrobe for years.  

Approaching the way we shop in a not so price driven way could be an enlightening experience for you and your wardrobe! When it comes to shopping we should be completely attracted to the item itself rather than following the general thinking of "oh that's so pretty" followed by "oh it's only $20, I'll try it on". Our thought process should go more like this...oh that's so pretty, I love it, I can imagine it paired with these existing items in my wardrobe, it works with my colour palette and I think it will suit my body shape so I must try it on. What if the price tag didn't dictate what you tried on? Think how your shopping experience could change if you only checked the price tag of an item after trying it on and deciding it's absolutely perfect for you. 

BUT what about my budget I hear you ask...

  1. Rather than buying three tops that are just ok you could purchase one for the same price but that you absolutely love and makes you feel amazing. This one item will be sure to give you far more wears and bring you far more joy than those three mediocre pieces!  
  2. And let's be honest here, unless you're shopping in a brand new store that you know nothing about, you will have a general idea of the price points on offer. Therefore, if a piece you've fallen in love with ends up being out of your budget it will only make you think even harder about the purchase...and if you truly love something you'll give up other purchases just to make it yours!

As I mentioned earlier, we all have varying budgets for our wardrobes and understandably so. I'm not suggesting this needs to change. What I am saying is that we shouldn't use our budget as an excuse to give into price points that in our minds warrant a purchase that isn't a perfect one. Don't let your fashion purchases be driven by price! 

Try resisting your instinct to grab for that tag on your next shopping trip and see how it feels to be driven by factors other than price. It may be challenging but will definitely result in more satisfying additions to your wardrobe.