Still the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten…which is a big call because before trying these I thought most cupcakes were of a similar standard! As well as the infamous Cupcake ATM, which I have to admit is pretty fun, you can also peruse the selection in store and choose based on looks. More my game! From its first store in Beverly Hills the Sprinkles cupcake craze has spread across the country and ice cream and cookies are now also on the menu. With so many options the only problem is deciding on your order…or delivery. And with catering also available, cupcake tower anyone, they’re the best treat to serve at your next event. Be sure to put them to the test if you find yourself near one of their twenty current locations!

Sprinkles New York

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm

Sun  - 10am - 8pm

Or 24 hours a day from the Cupcake ATM!