Tackle Your Seasonal Wardrobe Swap in 3 Simple Steps


This time of transition creeps up on us twice a year, it can mean a daunting task ahead or maybe an exciting one depending on which of the two times we're talking about. Of course I'm referring to the seasonal wardrobe change over! Wether you're making the move into the warmer months or transitioning to Winter like I am (boo!), this time can be a challenge and is likely to evoke feelings of wanting to buy a whole new wardrobe. That's why I've got your back with 3 simple steps to help make your wardrobe swap simple and avoid the need for a major shopping trip.

1. Review The Past Season

Before you tuck this seasons now unneeded items to the back of the wardrobe take stock of what you wore most this season and those items you maybe didn't wear at all. Which coats were on high rotation or were there any Summer dresses that didn't make it into the sun. When packing away or storing these pieces elsewhere, first separate them out by most and least worn to review again when the season rolls back around in 6 months time. You might find you're newly inspired by certain pieces next year or the break will confirm that you in fact don't need particular garments or they don't make you feel amazing. Reselling items is easier and more lucrative in the season they relate to so it's best to wait another few months for that clear out if you can.  

2. Refresh For This Season

Try on the items you haven't seen for 6 months and check for any alterations or dry-cleaning that might be necessary. Create new outfits, remember your most loved looks from last year and work in any favourite pieces from this season to make them relevant for the next if you can. It's a great idea to take snaps of these combinations to keep a documentation of your favourite looks and make getting dressed easy all season long. Leave any transitional pieces in your wardrobe for now, the ones that still have a few weeks of relevance before the weather truly changes, and wear them as much as you can! Categorize and sort your wardrobe for the new season, taking stock of what you're excited to wear again and what you may be missing that will help get you through the next 6 months and compliment your existing pieces.

3. Make A List And Start Researching  

Are there any gaps in your wardrobe? Review any trends or new styles you want to try and see if you can create them with pieces you already have or by altering an existing item. Get that alterations and dry cleaning pile tended to, the longer you leave it the longer you miss out on wearing these items. And lastly, make a list of your must haves, create a budget and start researching to find the style that absolutely fits what you're looking for. Remember to discover new brands and use second hand stores and websites to help with finding your must haves ethically and sustainably.

Most importantly, enjoy! Let go of any pressure to have the most current trends in your wardrobe and be true to your personal style. Reconnecting with your season specific clothing should be fun and spending time working on your wardrobe is what creates value...and we all know that the value of our clothing is much more than what was on the price tag.