Reflecting On 1 Year Of Hungry Wardrobe

64 Celebrating 1 Year.png

Well, I can't quite believe it but It's been one year since the relaunch of Hungry Wardrobe, which is definitely cause for celebration! My initial intention was to help you find true happiness in your wardrobe and love what you wear, while shining a spotlight on consumerism and how the fashion industry affects our planet and it's people. Today my goal is unchanged and I believe that together we can all learn to love ourselves, be happy with what we have and end the cycle of non stop consumption. Basically I couldn't be more pleased with what Hungry Wardrobe has become.  

Realizing and achieving all of this in my own life continues to be a journey for me. I question and learn new things about my habits everyday, and I appreciate my heightened awareness of my actions and the impact they have. And as overwhelming as it can sometimes be I am content in knowing that every little change I make is making a difference. Each small step is a move towards a more positive me, a more positive wardrobe and a more positive future for our environment. I hope you've continued to learn and grow this past year with inspiration from the content I've created to leave your wardrobe plus your state of mind around it in a much healthier place. 

Along the way I've discovered some amazing brands that are not only affordable but changing the fashion industry norms and helping create a brighter future for the way we produce and consume clothing. One of the most unexpected things has been connecting with so many inspiring influencers all working towards a more ethical and sustainable approach to fashion. This community is so supportive and I feel so privileged to have become a part of it. These connections have also expanded my thinking past just my wardrobe and helped inspire a personal quest to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

As for what the future holds for Hungry Wardrobe, well I have lots of ideas, but for now I will continue to shine a spotlight on inspiring brands and influencers and share personal styling and conscious consumption tips. Full disclosure, I am slowly starting to take on sponsored posts but please know I only ever promote a brand or product that I believe in and think you should all know about. I will also ensure to make it clear that it is a sponsored post in order to remain transparent. You can also find me over on The Green Hub, an amazing sustainable lifestyle website, where as the resident personal stylist I'll be talking all things fashion and style. 

If there's anything you'd love to see on Hungry Wardrobe or any questions you want answered about your wardrobe or styling then I'd love to hear from you, you can get in touch via the contact page on my website. Thank you for being part of Hungry Wardrobe and coming on this journey with me, you should be proud of yourself for the difference you are making!