My New York | The First 3 Months


I’ve been high on New York…floating on a concrete cloud and still not truly believing we live here. 

Walking the streets I often find a huge grin spreading across my face and I’m not sure I can fully explain why. New York is literally filling me with joy and wonder. Looking up to see the Empire State Building in one direction and One World Trade Center in the other is a view that always gets me…how did we end up here. And just as quickly you realise you’re just one of millions, but you feel like part of something, part of New York.

I’ve learnt to expect anything here, to try and be open to all experiences and take them for what they are. The possibilities in this city are truly endless which stirs a certain passion and fearlessness I’ve never felt before. People are so different and diverse, open and proud of who they are, and they’ve descended on this incredible city from all corners of the globe. 

Everything is new and different and so alive, walking down the street your ears are assaulted by screaming sirens one minute and your nose contaminated with indescribable city smells the next. It’s all so New York and I’m trying to soak up every glorious second. We’re still so new to the city but I know in my heart these initial feelings will never disappear.

New York you are magical!