My New York | The 6 Month Mark


All the feels of the second 3 months have been quite the contrast to the concrete cloud floating of the first 3 months

It definitely feels real that we live here now and our neighbourhood is starting to feel a little more familiar…meaning we have some favourite local restaurants and I’m getting better at navigating the supermarket aisles! The reality has set in though and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions…mostly laced with missing friends and family and the familiarity of home.

The cracks in the glamorous exterior begin to show…sirens are unnecessarily loud, street smells get worse as the weather warms up, there are lines for everything and they move slowly, people on the streets seem rude and inconsiderate, my accent is apparently indecipherable over the phone…everything is new and becomes more daunting than exciting!

Writing this at the 6 month mark though I’m looking back through a tunnel and ahead is much brighter and filled with optimism. I can laugh at rude people on the streets now and hold my own when it comes to the loud and boisterous nature of this city.  And the wonder hasn’t disappeared, it’s just been slightly harder to see! I still catch a grin spreading across my face as I wander the streets and continue to marvel at the wonder that is New York.

This city has opened my eyes to so much and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store.