Katz’s Delicatessen


A New York institution for over 100 years now, this family run deli in the Lower East Side has built it’s name as a focal point in the community. Specialising in cured meats with a process that takes 30 days rather than the more commonly used method of 36 hours, its easy to see why New Yorkers and tourists alike flock here to enjoy the now famous sandwiches, platters and meats. They put their longevity down to loyal patrons who have continued to bring friends, write books and even shoot films at the low frills location…all while enjoying a classic order of pastrami on rye.

Katz’s Deli

Mon - Wed 8am - 10.45pm

Thurs 8am - 2.45am

Fri 8am - Open all night!

Sat Open all day! Sun Open until 10:45pm