HW Says - Travel Companions for your Cosmetics Bag

Mor Cosmetics Bag / Aesop Rinse Free Hand Wash / Aesop Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Cleanser, Body Balm / Coco Mademoiselle Perfume / Hi Lift Hair Straightener Case

First of all lets start with the cosmetics bag itself, if you’re anything like me it needs to be a decent size! This Mor one, apart from looking super stylish on the outside, is also the perfect size and so functional due to the entire top zipping open…meaning easy access and no unpacking all of your cosmetics at every stop. 

And an essential which eventually makes it to the handbag but kinda falls under the toiletries category -  Aesop rinse free hand wash, because you never know when you may need it, and this one actually smells nice!

The cutest and most handy of all are the Aesop travel sized conditioner, shampoo, body cleanser and body balm, sold together in a travel set. All the essentials for a luxurious shower experience no matter where you are! 

And for great hair on the go we all (well most of us) need a hair straightener…but how annoying is it making sure you use them with enough time to cool down before being packed away. Wait no more, this hair straightener case means you can use your hair straightener right up until the last minutes before closing your case.

Lastly, we all have our favourite perfume and they usually come in glamorous large glass bottles which we also love but not for travelling when every last gram of weight is essential to save for shopping space! Introducing my favourite Coco Mademoiselle perfume which comes in this amazing purse spray. The refill (pictured right) easily slots into the dispenser and will last your entire trip…or if you should be so lucky you can always pack a second refill!

Happy travels!!

Nikita xx