Help I'm Having Shopping Withdrawals


The slow fashion journey can be a difficult one when you consider that it actually resembles giving up an addiction. Wether shopping is an event you participate in frequently or not there's no denying the feel good factor you get from purchasing a new item of clothing...despite that elation only lasting a short time! It's important to remember that you're not giving up shopping all together and are simply being more considered in your purchases and honest with yourself about what you actually need. If it's all getting a bit much and you're feeling the need for some "retail therapy" here's some guilt free ways to satisfy your craving:

Shop at used clothing stores - Because we have become professional consumers there's no shortage of great finds at thrift stores and online resellers that the last owner has simply become sick of. Although the hunt requires a little more effort the pay off is worth it in multiple ways, especially if we're talking cost, on your wallet and the planet. Check out my post 'How to Thrift Shop Successfully' now to become a pro!

Swap clothes with friends - If you're looking for a fun night with girlfriends then host a clothing swap and see what gems you discover in each others wardrobes. Remember one mans trash is another mans treasure, something your bestie might be sick of is something you've never worn before! Get friends to bring a friend if you need to broaden the range of sizes and style personalities available and set a number of items to bring so everyone has the same amount to swap.

Shop your wardrobe - Treat your wardrobe like the beautifully curated selection of clothing that it is, it's your own personal store! Which pieces haven't you worn in a while? Figure out why. Could something be changed to make the item more wearable, like alterations to fit or colour changes. Focus on a project and up cycle a piece of unwanted clothing into something new or discover new and different ways to wear an item and create outfit combinations you haven't tried before.

Invest in one key piece - Save up and buy that one item you've been coveting. Something you know you will love for years and will be an item you wear often....a gorgeous coat for Winter or the perfect Summer dress. Make it a worthwhile and satisfying purchase by putting consideration into your decision. One quality piece will satisfy your craving longer than a handful of cheap trend based items.

You can also check out Fashion Revolution for more great ideas and inspiration to help you enjoy a fabulous fashion haul without buying into consumerism and find out how you can join the #haulternative