Halloween in NYC


You can never quite understand this holiday until experiencing it in the United States! For the last month since we arrived here it has been all about pumpkins. I’m talking for sale on the street outside every corner store and added to your favourite food and beverages…pumpkin ice cream, pie, shakes, coffee, beer anyone?! And don’t miss out on the main event, pumpkin carving, which thankfully you can buy kits for if you’re a beginner like me. There’s even Jack O’Lantern displays outside the city which unfortunately we’ve missed out on this year but will definitely be getting along to next year.

Then of course there’s the costumes, pop up stores have appeared everywhere in the lead up to the big day and it seems you can dress up as anything you like, scary costume not required! The thing that’s surprised me most though is the array of greeting cards for sale…who knew you were supposed to wish your friends and family a Happy Halloween on a greeting card.

I can’t wait to celebrate our first American Halloween this weekend coupled with a bit of Rugby World Cup action to kick off the festivities!