Egg Shop

Quite obviously this delightful little cafe specialises in egg dishes, but rest assured if you’re not an egg lover like myself it is possible to avoid eggs on the menu! More specifically their focus is on egg sandwiches, also known as a breakfast sandwich. This staple in the American diet was originally introduced over 100 years ago and can be found in many a New York restaurant, cafe, deli…you get the idea, they’re popular!

A gorgeous little spot with minimal seating, this eatery makes you feel like you’re sitting cosily in your living room. Egg Shop has earned itself quite the name with numerous reviews and write ups in reputable publications. And I can see why, with so many tasty, fresh and healthy takes on the traditional egg sandwich on offer it’s definitely worth a visit.

Also obsessed with their slogan…Eggs Y’all!

Egg Shop

151 Elizabeth St, New York

Sun - Thurs 8am - 12am

Fri - Sat 8am - 1am