Brand Spotlight: eco|mono

Image -  eco|mono

Image - eco|mono

Brand new online store eco|mono is here and ready to make your search for fashion that aligns with your values easy! Based out of Australia this online market place offers a curated selection of local ethical and sustainable brands, featuring everyday basics and stylish pieces that are sure to live in your wardrobe for years. The websites founder, Sam Leigh, describes the intention behind eco|mono best - 

"The destination for those wanting to shop sustainable fashion without jeopardizing their style."

Originally a blog started by Sam to educate her readers about the fashion industry, eco|mono has evolved into something much more than that. While the site is now an online destination for conscious clothing and accessories it continues to spread the word and promote the world of sustainable fashion with regular blog content. However, its new purpose is to increase accessibility of sustainable fashion and provide a one stop shop where consumers can make stylish fashion purchases without compromising on their values.

One of my favourite features of eco|mono is the values section which allows customers to shop according to what's most important to them. That's right, you can choose from 10 values and shop products directly from the values page, could it be any simpler to make a conscious fashion purchase?! I also love Sam's philosophy when selecting product for the site. She approaches the buying process with a capsule wardrobe in mind and ensures each piece can easily mix and match by focussing on a monochrome colour palette. 

With 15 brands currently available you don't want to miss this beautiful selection of clothing and accessories awaiting your next conscious purchase. At the moment shipping is within Australia only, so if you're fortunate enough to live local then check out eco|mono now!