Day One...Setting Up in NYC

Its fair to say day one was more than a little exhausting and jet lag has definitely kicked in; but dedicating the day to life admin was worth it to tick off these three major steps to getting set up in America…

Social Security:

This is the first thing you’ll need, it’s basically your ID for everything! To obtain a social security number when travelling on an e3 visa you will need your passport, a print out of your I-94 visa, which is available online once you’ve gone through immigration, and a postal address. We are lucky enough to have friends already set up here that have kindly let us use their address, otherwise you will need to ensure you have accommodation with an address you can use.

On an e3D visa you first need to apply for the I-75 working visa before you can go through the application for a social security number.

Bank Account:

Once you have visited the social security office you will be given a letter stating your application for a social security number is being processed.  You can use this letter along with your passport and a visa or mastercard from your country of origin to open a bank account at most banks. We chose to go with citibank based on a friends recommendation; citibank seem to have the most sophisticated online banking system and the most atm locations in NYC.

Phone Number:

The next important thing is getting connected…I think I will be glued to google maps on my phone over the next few months! We were lucky, or should I say unlucky enough to arrive on launch day of the iPhone 6s. So after only one and a half hours of lining up we had new unlocked iPhones in our hands!

Obviously buying new phones is not necessary but you will need to make sure your phone is unlocked and will work with a US sim card. We chose to sign up with Verizon who are the largest service provider in the US and were able to sell us prepaid sim cards. For this you will still need to provide personal details including an email and postal address.

Set up done…well, started!