Christmas in New York

Although the weather has been unseasonably hot with no snow in sight there is no denying it is Christmas in New York! It truly is a magical time of year to experience the city in all it’s shining glory…

From the famous tree at Rockefeller Centre to the Empire State building glowing red and green every night, there is wonder everywhere you turn. Store fronts are covered in lights and their windows house awe inspiring displays…a stroll down 5th Ave after sunset is a must. Christmas trees and large candy canes decorate the exteriors of office buildings, because why hide your decorations in the foyer! Even our charming little street in Brooklyn has magnificent lights strung across the road on every block and a huge glowing Christmas tree in front of the park. 

I think my favourite new Christmas experience though has to be seeing the tree vendors taking up street corners and footpaths all across the city. There’s nothing quite like picking out a tree and walking it down the street home…even if it’s only table top size! 

Merry Christmas from NYC xx