Alexander Wang Emile Tote

Introducing my new baby! 

I expect most of you will understand the important role handbags play in our lives…they’re by our side everyday, carry all the things we need to get through the day (and the things we don’t need but might need, maybe, one day!) and have the massive task of complimenting every outfit we wear.  

I bought my first Alexander Wang bag a couple of years ago and it has served me so well. I was very excited to get a friend for my

Prisma Tote

on our recent trip overseas…what better excuse than being on honeymoon to spoil yourself with a new bag! And because of all my previous mentioned points I really believe a handbag is one part of your wardrobe that deserves investing in. 

I don’t think much explaining is needed for this beauty but here are the features that attracted me to Emile:

- the soft slouchy leather, I’m not a huge fan of stiff, rigid bags.

- absolutely love the matte black hardware, so subtle yet significant.

- it’s the perfect size, big enough to fit the essentials but not break your back.

- the versatility of two handles was a must for me, for functionality and because it changes the look of the bag depending on which way your wear it.

- and of course you can’t go past the amazing silver lining, ironic don’t you think!

What do you look for in a handbag? 

Nikita xx