4 Classics For Your Sustainable Winter Wardrobe

The epitome of a sustainable wardrobe is buying less and making your clothes last. So what better way to ensure you achieve these two key actions than focussing on the classics, pieces that will see you through season after season and easily reach 30 wears in your wardrobe. Dressing for the cold can often seem like you need more, of course it's necessary to be wearing  more clothing than usual, but with some clever layering and making the most of fabric and colour choices you can achieve an interesting Winter wardrobe without an abundance of things. 

So here are my top 4 Winter classics to make the coming chilly months and many Winter seasons ahead stylish, chic and sustainable:


1 Coats.png

When it comes to cold weather a good coat will be your saviour, your best friend, your finishing touch to every look! Having a polished style and a more casual style in your basic coat collection will mean you're covered for any occasion. Choose a colour that compliments your wardrobes colour palette and will work back with all of your looks for optimum versatility, think neutrals...which may mean black but may also mean red depending on your style. And most importantly select a weight and fabrication that best accommodates the temperatures you live in so your coat is sure to serve its purpose!



2 Black.png

All black everything is one of my favourite looks and even if you're not a lover of black like I am this is always a perfect go to combination in Winter...hear me out! Wether your style is understated and you have a wardrobe full of black or you prefer a more colourful approach you can make this look your own...combine different textures to create interest and add pops of colour with accessories, a bright beanie or scarf, statement boots or a bold lip. Or simply use all black as your base to make one bright piece, like a sweater or coat, really stand out. All black really can work for every style because it's so easily personalised!



3 Boots.png

The exclamation point to your outfit and the accessory that can tie a look together or set the tone for your entire ensemble. As boots are often an item of necessity, hello snow, I take a similar approach with boots as I do with my coat collection. One pair to cover your local weather requirements and an everyday pair that you can easily walk for miles in. Again stick with colours that work with your wardrobe and possibly match back with other accessories you have like handbags. And because shoes are as I mentioned before, outfit defining, a go to pair for dressier occasions is often useful! 



4 Wool.png

The best natural fibre to keep you warm all Winter long wether you're snuggled in a cosy sweater or wrapped in a scarf. When it comes to woollen accessories keep versatility in mind and stick with colours that work together, it's likely your scarves and beanies will be worn at the same time and will most definitely need to work back with your sweater collection. Focus on sweater silhouettes that work for your body shape and aren't too trend driven, a classic cable knit or longline tunic will serve you well for years. Wool will work hard in your wardrobe and, if you take good care of it, will have you staying cosy for a long time!


If you happen to be in the Southern hemisphere and enjoying some sunshine right now be sure to check out my 4 Timeless Summer Styles post for style tips more relevant to your current climate!

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