Podcast To Listen To Now: Conscious Chatter

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Conscious Chatter is a podcast hosted by Kestrel Jenkins of AWEAR World, an audio space "where what we wear matters" and all things fashion, style and sustainability are discussed. Kestrel's journey began 8 years ago, making her a bit of an expert in the slow fashion arena, and her vision for AWEAR World was to create a community of mindful consumers and stylish change makers. Through the Conscious Chatter podcast Kestrel is spreading the word and providing amazing insight into the garment industry while also helping listeners understand how they can contribute to making positive change in the industry. 

I wanted to listen to the episodes in order from the beginning and although I'm only half way through the 50 episodes currently available I couldn't wait to share this with you all! The content and guests on the podcast are so varied, highlighting just how large this industry is and how many layers there are to it. I'm learning about things I didn't even know existed, each episode is an enlightening and informative journey with messages that are sure to stick with you. One quote that really resonated with me is one that both made me giggle but also put into perspective the need for us all to understand this industry and take an active role in changing it for the better:

"Clothing affects 100% of the population and it shows no sign of stopping. I mean, humanity does not look hell bent on becoming nudist in the future, we will always wear clothes!"
- Orsola de Castro, Conscious Chatter S01 Episode 07

I highly recommend listening back through all of the episodes but here's a few of my favourites so far (I'm 20 episodes in!) to help you on your way:

  • S01 Episode 05 | Waste
  • S01 Episode 07 | Fashion Revolution
  • S01 Episode 11 | Supply Chains
  • S01 Episode 17 | Transparency
  • S01 Episode 18 | Mara Hoffman + Mindfulness 

Get this podcast on your playlist now, there's no better time to start tuning in each week as new episodes are released! You can listen to all episodes of Conscious Chatter on iTunes and head over to AWEAR World for all of the latest news and content.