Learning to Admire...And Not Own

As a lover of fashion and shopping I've learnt that admiring and not needing to own is a huge part of becoming a more conscious consumer! Appreciating and admiring trends and new styles without feeling the need to jump on board every single one and make a new purchase is a skill and a test of willpower. It's also a test of how well you truly know yourself and how clear you are on your personal style, giving you the ability to only buy what you truly love and is 100% you.

Over the years I've become more and more clear on my style personality, what suits me and what I love to wear. Two recent purchases opened my eyes to a couple of key lessons I've mastered along the way. When it comes to buying into fashion and navigating it's ever rotating slew of trends, remember this - 

Lesson 1: Understand how a trend can work for your personal style.

I've always loved the boho trend and gravitate towards styles that emulate this look. But, what I've come to realize is that I love how the style looks on others rather than how it looks on me and I'm more drawn to the idea of the relaxed, carefree demeanor that the style sells. This doesn't mean I've completely avoided all styles related to this trend though, it was more about finding the pieces that were right for me. I've managed to scope out a few boho inspired tops that are more subtle and in line with my style, and work back with my current wardrobe. 

Lesson 2: Be patient (trends change!) and only invest in styles that suit you.

Another key area of focus when deciding to buy into a trend or new style is wether it works for your body shape goals. Once you've established something works with your style personality you then need to consider how complimentary it is when it comes to accentuating, balancing and camouflaging certain areas of your body. I love the off the shoulder trend that is currently everywhere, however with broad shoulders this trend accentuates an area that I would actually prefer to minimize. After a long time admiring the trend I recently discovered a slightly new take that incorporates an off the shoulder look while incorporating thin straps, creating a break in the exposed area and therefore working well with the shape of my shoulders.

Learning how you can participate in a trend while keeping your style personality and body shape in mind means you'll wear it in your own way and create a more cohesive and intentional wardrobe. Finding contentment and happiness in simply appreciating and admiring trends but not owning the trends that aren't right for you is enlightening and will allow you to discover your personal style and be true to yourself.

Here are some tips to help you avoid stumbling into a purchase based on pure admiration:

  • Be clear on your style personality and the direction you want it to take. Find Your Personal Style with the Hungry Wardrobe Style Journey if you haven't already!
  • Remind yourself what you already own and be clear on how a new piece will fit cohesively with your existing wardrobe and look.
  • Create a mood board. Whether it's on Pinterest or in real life having a visual reference to remind you of the look you're going for and provide inspiration will help keep you on track.
  • Look at photos. Refer to images of yourself in outfits you absolutely love to help form the basis of your own unique personal style and remind yourself what makes you feel great. 
  • Be discerning in your choices, have fun with your style but only make purchases that will see you 30 wears or more.