3 Tips to Escape the Winter Wardrobe Blues

Winter can be a drag with grey days and long nights and your wardrobe may start to feel the same...dull and boring. Rotating between your coats and jumpers can leave you a little uninspired when it comes to getting dressed, I know it does for me! So to help you avoid the Winter wardrobe blues here are my top 3 tips to revitalise your look:

1. Accessories on Rotation

Scarves and beanies are the perfect visible accessories to change up your looks during the colder months. Rotate through all of your options and don't just stick with your go to's. That black scarf goes with everything but cycling through all of your options will keep your outfits feeling invigorated and new. Adding pops of colour and interest with patterns through your neck and head wear is also a great way to feel a little brighter on a dull day. These two accessories can tie your whole ensemble together or be that statement piece to give your look a complete refresh.  


2. Layer Your Summer Wardrobe

Incorporate some of your Summer items into your Winter wardrobe with layering. Try a lace top under your favourite knit or that pretty camisole over a fitted turtleneck. Breathing new life into your Summer clothes and wearing items that remind you of the warmer months can be that added point of difference that moves you beyond boring. When you're looking for something new to wear it's always best to start in your wardrobe. Key pieces like button up shirts, lightweight long sleeve tops and longline singlets will help keep your wardrobe trans-seasonal and allow for easy layering. 


3. Jewel Up!

Wear jewelry. It may seem obvious but I know how easy it can be to forgo these little details when you're bundling up to head out the door. Add those extra finishing touches, a pair of striking earrings, a statement necklace, a watch or stacked rings and you'll feel the results. Necklaces are especially useful for changing your look up and can double as a layering piece. Try a button up shirt under a thin long sleeve knit and add a necklace as the centre piece layered over the knit and under the shirt collar. It always pays to take the time and remember the small details because they can be what makes the most impact.  


Whatever techniques you use remember to always look to your wardrobe first...or make up bag. I also love using a bold lipstick to make me feel brighter on a Winter's day! Get creative and discover fresh new looks without hitting the shops.