How To Style Print

Prints are a powerful tool to reflect your style personality and as with colour they have the ability to draw attention away from those areas you prefer to camouflage and towards those you want to accentuate. Understand how to use print effectively and push your comfort zone while keeping your print choices true to who you are.

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Print Talk

When choosing prints keep in mind the size of the print in relation to your height and build. A large print can overwhelm a small frame while small prints can be lost on a larger frame. What you hope to achieve with your look is also key to your print selection and making it representative of your style personality, best communicating who you are. A large print in bright colours will be more dramatic and artistic while a soft floral print will be more feminine and stripes and plaids more relaxed. The garment type and fabrication will also affect a print's message with a print coat more statement making than a print top and a floral print on flowing fabric more soft and feminine than a floral printed structured fabrication.


Mixing Prints

A daring and bold look that's easily achieved with certain prints. When mixing prints the key is to keep the colours in each print within the same family, making sure there is always one similar or matching colour between the two prints. Focus on one print that is more dominant in size or colour, or keep prints to the same scale and ensure they are really closely matched in colour. Using stripes as one of your prints is an easy way to achieve a mixed print look and the contrast between geometric shapes and soft curved designs results in a striking and effective combination. 


Print Accessories

Accessories can be a more affordable and versatile way to introduce print into your wardrobe and a simpler way to achieve a mixed print look. Use one bold accessory to add a point of difference to a basic outfit or to incorporate a contrasting print. Apply the same rules of colour and scale when mixing prints with accessories, keeping your style personality front of mind when selecting prints. Ensuring printed accessories are cohesive with your core colour palette will mean they work back with as many outfits as possible.