How To Style Layers

Layering is a key technique to ensure you get the most out of items in your wardrobe and keep them feeling's the perfect tool to create interest and add another dimension to your look. During trans seasonal periods layering is especially useful, keeping you ready for four seasons in one day. Consider these two key aspects to create effective layered looks with your wardrobe.

Images -  sandra semburg


The first and most important factor to consider when it comes to layering is proportions...both in the layers you're creating and in relation to your body. Incorporating different lengths in your layering is key, two is essential but try using three for best effect, creating interest without overdoing it. Different textures and fabrications also add to the effect of layering and help create a clear division between each of your layering components. Where each of these layers finishes on your body works directly back with your height and body shape. Ensure lines are created in areas you wish to accentuate and avoid drawing attention to areas you prefer to camouflage.


New Dimensions

Extending the life of items in your wardrobe by bringing them into new seasons and wearing them in new ways is easily achieved with layering. Tops worn under or over summer dresses, jumpers over shirts, jackets under coats, skirts and dresses over pants...the possibilities are endless! Adding new dimensions to your look through layering can be as simple as tying a jacket around your waist or throwing a scarf around your shoulders. Think outside the box and layer away, get that style personality shining and push your usual boundaries!