How To Style Colour

Colour plays an integral role in your outfits and what they represent. Understand how to use colour to your advantage and achieve outfit combinations that represent you...and maybe even have the confidence to try something different!

Images -  Sincerely Jules

Advancing and Receding Colours

After getting to know your body you probably noticed the tips for your body shape mention advancing and receding colours. That's because the simplest styling trick with colour is to do with its placement on your body. Even if you are wearing two brights there will almost always be one that is more dominant, or advancing. Remember that where you wear advancing colours will draw attention first. Therefore, wearing receding colours where you prefer to camouflage and advancing colours where you prefer to accentuate will help create visual balance for your body shape. 

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Colour Blocking

This technique can be used to create visual illusions and a statement! Wearing bold and contrasting colours together in isolated areas of your body is perfect for visual impact. This can be achieved through separate pieces worn together, patterns in tops and dresses, or with bright accessories if you don't want to dive right into this bold use of colour. Remember to still be aware of the placement of the advancing and receding colour, and where on your body the colour blocking starts and ends to avoid cutting your body at an unflattering point. When using two equally dominant colours this technique can create an elongating effect by causing the eye to move quickly between the two colours.

Images -  FIGTNY

Images - FIGTNY


Wearing the same hue from head to toe is one of the easiest ways to use colour to your advantage, especially in the form of a dress. This technique is elongating...and is not exclusive to black! Creating a single block of colour allows the eye to travel from top to bottom in one motion which is what creates the elongating effect. This also works when using multiple pieces but remember that waistbands and other details can create a stop in the flow. When combining multiple pieces for this look black and white are the easiest colours to use as colour tones are almost always the same across different garments, otherwise go for a set purchased together. 



Using tonal coloured outfit combinations is a great way to achieve an understated but equally impactful look. Wearing varying complimentary shades of colours from the same colour group creates a similar elongating effect but with a bit more interest than a monochrome look and more subtlety than colour blocking. This use of colour can also be easier to achieve with what you already have in your wardrobe. Try not to use too many varying shades of a colour in one look and make sure they share the same undertone. Placement of advancing and receding colours still comes into play with this technique.