Movie To Watch Now: The True Cost

Andrew Morgan has created an incredible documentary film which elegantly navigates the unfathomably ugly side of the fast fashion industry. Prompted by the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in April 2013, Andrew and his crew, with funding from a Kickstarter campaign, set out on their journey to answer the burning question, where do my clothes come from?

Exploring all aspects of the fashion industry, from the runways right down to the cotton farms, The True Cost gives the most real and insightful account into the people and places behind our clothing. Production of the film was approached with the knowledge that one solution is not the answer but instead a holistic view is needed. In his Kickstarter campaign Andrew states "Real change can only be sustained through the creation of a synergistic approach, one that involves the adaptation of policy, the improvement of industry standards and a shift in consumer consciousness."

The narrative has been crafted perfectly, evoking real emotion and uncovering shocking truths. Human rights and environmental impacts surrounding the fast fashion industry are presented under a spotlight that can't be ignored. And while the movie highlights a terrible situation that we are all a part of it manages to avoid placing blame, instead taking an informative, moving and change inspiring angle.  

This movie was a key motivator in the decision to focus my personal styling skills on encouraging reduced consumption and ensuring more of us are aware of the negative impacts our fast fashion habit is having on the world and it's people. I urge you to watch The True Cost as part of your journey to becoming a conscious consumer and understanding the impacts of your purchase decisions.

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