Brand Spotlight: Zady

Image -  Zady

Image - Zady

Triggered by the feeling of staring at an overflowing wardrobe with a never ending sense of having nothing to wear, Zady founders Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi set out on a mission to simply understand quality when it comes to our clothing. What resulted is a company focussed on achieving 'the new standard'. Zady is an online marketplace for ethical and sustainable brands that also showcases their in house range, The Zady Collection.

"Fast fashion is fast food. Empty calories that make us feel full." - Zady

The New Standard, fully outlined on the Zady website, provides customers with in depth descriptions of the effects to our planet and people that various parts of the production process can cause. With a philosophy centred around process, quality and honesty, the brands range is focussed on considered design and always keeps the end user in mind. Sourcing the highest quality fabrics and skilled makers, the Zady founders ensure each piece delights not just for a season but for years to come. 

The range is made up of classic styles, tees, sweaters, clean cut pants and skirts, with each items journey from farm to fabric to garment disclosed to give consumers full transparency. The majority of The Zady Collection is made locally in the USA and shipping is free on all orders within the USA and all orders over $100 internationally. Tees start at $36 while woollen knitwear and silk garments are between $160 and $250.

Support a true game changer in the industry and learn more about The New Standard over at Zady.