Book To Read Now: Overdressed

Image -  Colette

Image - Colette

An insightful and change inspiring holiday read that will help you on your path to conscious consumption. After a realisation that she owned more clothing than she did anything else but knew the least about it of anything she bought, Elizabeth L. Cline set out on a journey of discovery. Having settled into a routine of purchasing on average one new item every week, just below the national average in America, but with only low quality fads she didn't enjoy wearing to show for it, Elizabeth decided to find out the effects our shopping habits are having on us, our society, our environment and our economic wellbeing.

Her journey unfolds with the fashion industry examined from a number of aspects as she covers topics including the rise of fast fashion, the death of middle market and independent retailers, our obsession with deals, the realities of factories in China and Bangladesh, and the impact our unwanted garments are having on thrift stores and textile recyclers. This book provides a holistic and thought provoking view of where the fashion industry has ended up and highlights the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion.

Overdressed shines a spotlight on the need for us all to take an active role in the fashion industry, understand and appreciate quality and know who made our clothes. Elizabeth takes you on her journey with her in this revealing and thought provoking documentation of the little known truths about our clothes and the industry that produces them. The book concludes with Elizabeth leading by example as she discusses her own experiences, highlights what is necessary going forward and shows how you too can achieve a better wardrobe.

"Repairing our wardrobes, making sure they fit us, and buying the best quality we can for our money are all parts of clothing sustainability." - Elizabeth L. Cline

Overdressed will inspire you to make change, discover your own look and always feel good about what you wear. Get your copy today here