How to Shop a Sale Consciously

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It's that time of year again...although that time of year when it comes to sales seems to be a more and more frequent occurrence! The worlds insatiable need to consume more and more is further highlighted when it comes to sale time and as consumers we are more than happy to buy into the trap of getting a good deal, with our purchase decisions once again entirely dictated by the price tag. Well it's time to take control of our behaviour and ask ourselves why we become frenzied shoppers at the thought of getting something at a cheaper price?

First of all let's acknowledge that of course money comes into our purchase decisions and why wouldn't we get a better deal if we could. It's a no brainer right! But it's the thoughtless over consumption that sale time evokes that we need to take a step back and think about. If you're buying something simply because it's on sale and a "bargain" then you're playing right into the hands of corporations and not allowing yourself to be the happiest you can be in the clothes you wear. 

The entire premise of being a more conscious consumer and making change in the fashion industry when it comes to sustainability and ethics rides on your self control and being honest with yourself...which seem to be two easily forgotten traits when it comes to sale time shopping.  Ask yourself these questions before pulling the purchase trigger to ensure your holiday shopping doesn't become jaded by a sale tag and you continue to make meaningful purchases:

Shopping a sale...should I buy it, yes or no? 

  • Is it a piece I've had my eye on and/or has it been on my shopping list for a while?
  • Will the style work well with my current wardrobe and does it compliment my style personality? 
  • Does it fit correctly and flatter my body shape or will I have it altered?
  • Does it make me feel amazing and 100% me and will I be excited to wear it for seasons to come?

If you can honestly answer yes to these questions then congrats, you truly have found yourself a bargain and your purchase was worth the wait and the shopping trip! If not, then I'm sorry to say but making a purchase will mean you're simply contributing to the giant wheel of consumerism that will continue to turn and drive the fashion industry until we start making more mindful and conscious shopping decisions.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up this week, two sale calendar events clearly penned by marketing geniuses, this is a timely reminder not to lose consciousness in the coming months when your shopping trips are overwhelmed by red signs littered with appealing price points. Happy holidays and happy conscious sale shopping!