How To Style Accessories Part 3

The last of the Styling Accessories instalments (check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't already!) will cover two accessories that have the ability to finish off a look perfectly but can often be a little intimidating to approach.  Hats, the perfect statement or simply a hot or cold weather essential, and jewellery, a staple component of your accessories collection and often a very personal representation of your style.



Although hats don't play a role in enhancing your body shape they most definitely play a role in portraying your style personality and are of course are the most useful accessory when it comes to protecting your face from the sun and keeping you warm in the colder months. These styling tips will help get your hat wearing game on point:

  • Hats are worn close to your face so ensure they fit within your complimentary colour palette and will work back with the colours in your wardrobe.
  • When putting on beanies start from the back of your head and pull forward, ensuring you always have some hair peeking out the front.
  • Caps aren't just for the beach, they can add a casual element to any look. Use a contrasting colour to make a statement or go with a tonal colour to subtly compliment your outfit.
  • A straw hat instantly transitions your look to Summer while providing more sun protection than a cap and a more sophisticated vibe.
  • Ensure fedoras fit your head properly, styles that come in multiple sizes are perfect and online stores will provide head circumference measurements. For caps check the youth section if you have a small head like me! 


Images - Top -  Viva Luxury  &  Mikuta  / Bottom -  Mikuta  & Unknown

Images - Top - Viva Luxury & Mikuta / Bottom - Mikuta & Unknown

The addition of jewellery is a simple and obvious way to represent your style personality. Jewels are also a great tool for detracting attention away from any areas you wish to camouflage, drawing attention to those you wish to highlight or simply providing that finishing touch to your look. Most of us lean more towards either delicate or statement jewellery or wear a mix of both. Whatever your jewellery style make the most of your collection with these tips:

  • Ensure you have a cohesive collection with similar colors and styles that work back with your wardrobe and allow for versatility.
  • Wear statement necklaces to draw attention away from your midsection and lower body, bringing the focus of your look to your top half. Statement earrings will do the same but in a more subtle way.
  • Earrings can enhance or alter the shape of your face. Long earrings will elongate your face while square shapes will accentuate angles and round shapes will soften.
  • Don't forget to layer...stack bracelets and wear multiple rings, layer necklaces and wear bracelets and watches together. More is sometimes more when it comes to jewels!
  • Make the most of coloured jewellery by wearing it with tonal coloured clothing for a subtle enhancement to your look or create contrast for a more striking look. 
  • Gold and silver tones can and should be worn together!