How To Style Tucks

The art of the favourite and possibly the simplest styling tool! A tuck can add so much to your look in such a subtle way and has the power to completely change the feel of your outfit depending on which tuck you use. Here are the four tuck styles you need to know:


Full Tuck

The full tuck requires tucking all the way in and all the way around. This is the most formal and polished of the tucks and works well with high waist lines and bottoms with detail at the waist or that are worn belted. If the top you're tucking isn't completely fitted be sure to slightly blouse it all the way around for the best drape.

Best for - highlighting your already defined waist line.


Front Tuck

This tuck is best done in a haphazard way, grab the front of your top and roughly tuck it into the centre of your waistband. This tuck works well with any top style, don't be afraid to try it with thick knitwear, and looks great with mid and low rise jeans.

Best for - creating two diagonal lines across hip area and giving the illusion of a longer torso.


Half Tuck

For button ups only, this shirt tuck technique is great to add an edgy element, taking a typically relaxed look of an untucked shirt to a new level. It's also a great way to show a peek of a belt and incorporate vertical lines into your look. This tuck can be worn with any rise but creates a more dramatic effect when paired with high waisted bottoms.

Best for - creating an elongating effect with the combination of vertical lines and high waisted bottoms.


Side Tuck

The perfect tuck technique to add to almost any outfit, the side tuck should also be done in a carefree way for a relaxed but edgy look. This tuck creates a diagonal line across your hip area which is slimming as it draws the eye up, much better than a horizontal line! Use the same technique as the front tuck, grabbing the side of your top and roughly tucking into the side of your waistband.

Best for - minimizing a larger bottom half by creating a diagonal line across the hip area.