8 Things You Need In Your Wardrobe Toolkit

 Like most things in life your wardrobe will need a tune up every now and then...and rather than defaulting to purchasing something new start by taking care of what you already have and make your clothing last longer. To care for and maintain your ethical and sustainable wardrobe here are a few useful tools that will make it easier:

Tape Measure. This is essential not only to know your body but to ensure you don't go wrong with any online purchases. It's likely ethical and sustainable brands won't be available to try on in a store near you so always use the online size guides and if you're purchasing second hand ask the seller for garment measurements to compare sizing to items already in your wardrobe.  

Unpicker. Never struggle to remove an itchy label with scissors again. A quick unpick is great for undoing stitches without damaging your garment. Use it to remove loose threads and let down hems or even get crafty and do some alterations yourself.

Needle and Thread. Although you might not have an entire sewing kit it is important to have a needle and thread on hand. Black and white cotton will cover you off for most small fixes like loose buttons and minor holes. It's always better to repair what you already have and it's such a quick and easy thing to do!

Spare Buttons. Always keep the extra buttons that come with a new purchase, you never know when you might need them. Getting rid of an item because of a missing button is so unnecessary! Even if you don't have the exact button buying a new set will cost much less, both for your wallet and the planet, than buying an entirely new piece of clothing.

Waterproofer. Leather items like bags and footwear are usually the most expensive purchases, so it pays to take care of them. A waterproofer is an inexpensive way to extend the life of your leather goods...and remember that leather can look even better with a bit of character so embrace any imperfections and scuffs that are bound to happen with wear.

Suede Brush. Another tool mostly related to accessories, this little rubber brush will work wonders disguising scuffs on your suede handbags and shoes. Unlike leather, suede does not wear well so extra care and love is needed to extend the life of your suede purchases. Understand what you're buying into and be prepared to fully commit to the upkeep of a suede item.

Pill Brush. Wether your sweaters are constructed with man made or natural fibres it's likely they will eventually show signs of pilling. This little gadget can help remove those unavoidable pills while still being gentle on your clothing. Make your warmest garments look like new again and avoid expensive Winter purchases.

Stain Remover. No matter how careful you are stains are inevitable! Look after your clothing and soak any stubborn stains before washing or spot clean straight away where possible.