Brand Spotlight: Reformation

Image -  Reformation

Image - Reformation

Established in 2009 Reformation is one of the leading players in the sustainable fashion market. Manufacturing the majority of the range in their downtown Los Angeles headquarters they also partner with other manufacturers at home and abroad who use sustainable methods and materials. Focussing on sustainable fabrics that are less polluting is at the forefront of the brands movement with Reformation producing around 40% of their fabrics using repurposed vintage garments or deadstock fabrics, materials that would otherwise become landfill.

The brand is completely transparent with it's sustainability practices using 'RefScale' to detail the environmental impact of every style on their website. RefScale provides consumers with information on the carbon dioxide, water and waste savings achieved by each style when compared to the industry standards. Along with this Reformation is continually investing in sustainable factory practices such as green building infrastructure to help minimise their footprint.

In line with these sustainable practices Reformation is primarily sold online and offers free worldwide shipping, currently making investments to offset carbon emissions for all domestic orders and with plans to extend this initiative to international orders. The companies three brick and mortar store locations, split between Los Angeles and New York, are built with sustainability in mind, using recycled paper hangers, reusable shopping bags and offering clothing recycling services.

Known for their signature floral dresses Reformation offers a full range of fashion forward designs that are trend driven but long lasting. Complimenting the brands backbone of dresses is a selection of edgy skirts, feminine pants, pretty blouses and a small range of outsourced accessories and select vintage items. Prices range from $28 for a basic tee to $200 plus for special dresses and coats. 

Get on board this chic brand and support a leader in sustainable fashion at Reformation.