How To Plan Your Ultimate Holiday Wardrobe In 5 Steps

Holidays are exciting! You count down to them, you plan and prepare for them, so it's only natural that you think about your wardrobe and what its requirements will be for your holiday...often resulting in a shopping trip specifically for said holiday. Of course there may be a couple of items you need to purchase based on different conditions in the place you will be visiting or activities you plan to do but don't use your holiday as an excuse to make unnecessary purchases. Instead make planning your holiday wardrobe from within your current wardrobe a fun and enjoyable task!

Plan Your Ultimate Holiday Wardrobe:

  1. Start with footwear as this is the bulkiest item to pack and therefore your options need to be limited. Decide what types of footwear you will need, definitely keep comfort a top priority and consider each pairs versatility with different outfits. Stick to two staple options, for example boots and sneakers or sneakers and sandals. Then, if you need to, add one or two additional pairs that are a little more fun or appropriate for more formal occasions. 
  2. Outerwear is another item that has to work hard in your holiday wardrobe so versatility is key. Stick to two or three jackets that will work over all of your outfit options, their weight depends on the temperatures at your holiday destination. Consider layering, for example one of your options may be a heavier weight shirt that can also be worn under a jacket or coat for added warmth or you might substitute a jacket for a scarf which can also double as a sarong if you're visiting warmer temperatures.
  3. Stick to a refined color palette to ensure maximum mixing and matching options and make your holiday wardrobe go further. Start with a neutral base like black, white and denim to form a great foundation for your looks and allow yourself to introduce colour in other pieces. Your base will work best if applied to a specific garment type, for example all neutral bottoms will work back with more colourful tops and neutral tops and bottoms will allow for more colourful jackets.
  4. Focus on core bottoms options and use tops to change up your look, your tops to bottoms ratio when packing should be around 3:1. Jeans, pants, shorts and skirts can all be worn multiple times before needing to be washed and are often not the focus of your look so always rely on tops to help change things up. Dress options are nice and easy for a holiday but can feel like you're wearing the same thing everyday so ensure you can layer them with tops or accessories to change up their look.
  5. Accessories like jewelry and scarves play a huge role in changing the styling of your outfits and are smaller to carry than more items of clothing. Choose scarves in colours and prints that work with your holiday colour palette and statement jewelry that will noticeably update your look. Bags should be chosen based on practicality, one everyday bag, either a cross body or backpack woks well and add a dressy option if you have the need for it.

When it comes to actually packing your suitcase or weekend bag there are so many different techniques all aiming to fit the most stuff in one bag. I think how you pack is a personal preference and wether you roll, lay flat or fold you're generally going to fit the same amount of stuff in your bag, unless you're Mary Poppins! Approach the organization of your suitcase the same way you do your wardrobe, grouping either by garment type, colour group or outfit combinations to ensure easy to navigate luggage and less unpacking when you get to your destination.

Holiday dressing should be easy and with a thoughtfully planned holiday wardrobe you'll ensure minimal fuss dressing so you can enjoy the relaxation or adventure you've chosen to embark on!