How to build a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe...

First of all it's important to understand this is not something that's going to happen overnight, but if you consciously make a decision to change then working towards achieving this goal will come naturally. When starting down this path the first and most important element is to be interested, care more, ask questions, understand and become aware. Start by taking the Hungry Wardrobe Style Journey and learning about yourself through discovering your colours, getting to know and love your body and finding your personal style. Then, building your wardrobe, and a healthy relationship with it, will set you on the path to becoming a more conscious consumer.

To turn your wardrobe around the changes you need to make are simple ones, well within your reach and completely in your control. It’s about changing your mindset, your relationship with your wardrobe and adjusting the way you purchase clothing:

Shop Less. The first and probably most challenging step for many! Now I'm not proposing you stop consuming altogether, that’s unrealistic, it's more about slowing down. Think about it as turning your current sprint into a jog. Start with a small change, try reducing how often you shop a little, and then a little more.  And remember there can still be joy in shopping, heck it’s one of my favourite things to do! All that's needed is to think about it differently, it's not a sport where the more you play the better you get and more wins you have. No, instead it's a skill that you've already had many years practicing and now it's time to refine those skills. Make the purchases you do make really count! 

Shop Well. This will likely make you immediately think, money! It's one of those things that has such mixed feelings; we all need it, we work hard for it, most of us want more, some of us have too much, some too little...let's be honest, it drives this world. When it comes to your clothing purchases it's also necessary to adjust your mindset when it comes to price. Buy the best you can afford, save up for things and plan out what you need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. Know your body and personal style so you buy only what makes you feel amazing and will have a place in your wardrobe for years to come not just months. Remember buying less costs less so we can all afford to shop better when it really comes down to it.

Shop Consciously. Always shop with intention, make your purchases meaningful and worthwhile. Fashion is not frivolous nor is it disposable. Everything in your wardrobe should be a considered purchase and just like a dysfunctional family each item should have it's place and purpose. Try different ways of shopping that you may never have considered before, like thrifting, online resellers or clothing swaps. Research ethical and sustainable brands and dedicate a portion of your shopping budget to them rather than pooling it all into the same basket. At times the road to becoming a more conscious consumer can seem daunting and too hard, but remember you're not striving for perfection, you're striving for improvement. And by shopping less and shopping well you're already on your way to becoming a more conscious consumer.

“The ultimate solution is for consumers to buy less, buy better and care more.” - Christina Dean, Founder/CEO Redress

Give yourself realistic expectations...this process will require some of your time and a lot of your willpower, but when you think about what you're changing this seems a small price to pay. Be honest with yourself, no one else will hold you accountable. We need to take control and be the change, and action is what is me, by you, by our family, our us. This is your call to action!